Conway’s Game of Life Resources


You need the following two programs for Assignment 4:

Assignment 4:

Life programs: Winlife 32 and Life 32. (Self extracting) Use these for assignment 4.


Extra attack patterns (already included in program above. Download only if you installed an older version. Extract to same directory as program)


Here are some more resources on Conway's Life Game

What is the Game of Life by Pal Callahan: Quickly becoming the classic introduction. Includes applets

Alan Hensel’s Page: A nice resource page. Look here for links to the programs, the best life applet, and newest information on the life world.

The life lexicon: The Life world has its own vocabulary. Learn it here.

Eric Weisstein’s Treasure Trove of the Life Cellular Automaton

MathWorld’s Life page: by Weisstein as well. Has Mathematica resources for Life

Dean Hickerson’s Life Page: Lots of patterns

A Universal Computer in the Life world  A Minsky Register Machine, equivalent to a Turing Machine.

Paul Rendell’s original paper on a Turing Machine in Life (PDF)

Rendell's page on building a Turing Machine in Life

Jason’s Life page: Has search software for interesting patterns, and a page on what is known and unknown in Life

Exploring Emergence (Essay on emergent objects with Life applet)

Overview of Game of Life

The Original Scientific American article that made Life famous.


LifeLab 3.1: Life software for Macs

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