GBS VI: Late Modern

 Schedule and Course Materials


The Text

Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience (just the text)
Songs of Innocence (Illuminated Version)
Songs of Experience (Illuminated Version)
Another version with nice plates, but marred with ads.


The William Blake Digital Text Project
includes a interactive graphical hypertext of the Songs (using Black and White Plates)

Interactive Concordance to the Songs
this site also contains the Blake Workbook

Illuminated manuscripts of the Songs

The William Blake Archive Homepage

Virtual Book of Blake's Notebooks
British Library

Blakes's Method of Color Printing
Robert Essick and Joseph Viscomi

Selected Poetry of William Blake (1757-1827)

Timo Klimoff's Blake Page
includes Long List of Blake links

Wordsworth and Coleridge

The Text

Lyrical Ballads
Illustrated version of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner with the glosses


William Wordsworth

A tongue in cheek Biography

Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The Coleridge Workbook

A tongue in cheek Biography

A Short Synopsis of Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"

A Short Synopsis of "Lines Written a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey"

The Federalist Papers

The Text

Federalist Papers
Declaration of Independence
Constitution of the United States
Articles of Confederation


The Avalon Project at Yale Searcheable versions and other resources

The Wikipedia entry.

 Glenn Greenwald: Unclaimed Territory (an example of the application of the Federaist Papers to contemporary debate)  

De Tocqueville

The Text

Democracy in America


Site on Democracy in America from the C-SPAN series. Includes biographical and other information.

De Tocqueville discussion board

American Institutions and Their Influence


The Text

Preface - Phenomenology

Hegel's Outline of The Phenomemology of Spirit


Hegel by Hypertext: Lots of useful Hegel resources, including texts, Hegel's Introductions, and study guides.

An Introduction and study guide toThe Phenomenology

Hegel Society of America

George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel


The Text

Fear and Trembling


Introduction to Kierkegaard from Danish Society of Friends
Commentary on Fear and Trembling
A Primer On Kierkegaardian Motifs
Kierkegaard Resources Worldwide

Charlotte Bronte

The Text

Jane Eyre


Charlotte Bronte Page from The Bronte Sisters Web

Sparknotes Guide to Jane Eyre

The Bronte Parsonage Museum: Lots of Biography and Background

Jane Austen

The Text

Annotated and Illustrated Hypertext of Pride and Predjudice


Jane Austen Information Page; Texts, Biography, and Links

Student Essays on Jane Austen


The Text

Walden (1854)


The Thoureau Reader


The Text
The Origin of Species

Hypertexts of the Darwin Classics.

Illustrated guide to the Origin, along with text
BBC site

 Se The Writings of Charles Darwin

British Library site. Very Comprehensive.


My Darwin Resource page


The Text

The Brothers Karamazov


Dostoevsky: The Website

The World of Dostoevsky: Russian Biography and Background site

Dostoevsky Biography site

Study Guide to The Brothers Karamazov

The Complete Works of Dostoevsky

Virginia Woolf's translation of  "At Tikhon's" or "Stavrogin's Confession" The censored chapter from the novel The Devils or  The Possessed by Fyodor Dostoevsky. (Flashpaper version)
(PDF file here)


The Text

Thus Spake Zarathustra
            With the german text as well. 


Nietzsche Timeline with pictures

Nietzsche Archive

The Nietzsche Channel

Study Guide to Zarathustra
Nietzsche Features Page


The Text

Death of Ivan Ilych
The Kreutzer Sonata
Master and Man
Twenty-Three Tales (The first of which is "God Sees the Truth But Waits")


Tolstoy's Epilogue to The Kreutzer Sonata
Tolstoy Library. Works by Tolstoy.
Tolstoy on Art (Excerpts)
Leo Tolstoy

Thomas Hardy

The Text

Tess of the d'Urbervilles


The Thomas Hardy Association

Maps of Hardy's Wessex
from Yale site

Thomas Hardy Website with Biography, Timelines, Maps, and texts of his works and secondary sources.

Photographs of Locations and Objects from Hardy's Wessex

Thomas Hardy and Wessex in Pictures

Thomas Hardy's Poetry

Immanent Will and the roles of Man and Woman in Tess
Outline and Selected Bibliography

Important Passages from Tess on these Topics:
Woman and related topics
Immanent Will and Other Topics
Guilt and Other Topics
All page number references are to the Bantam Classics Paperback edition: New York, 1981.

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