Relativity and Quantum Mechanics


            Special Relativity:

Einstein “Special and General Relativity

Einstein Light

An amazing site by Joe Wolfe and George Hatsidimitris at the University of New SouthWales

Some wonderful animations and film clips.

Space time diagrams for Assignment 2

Space Time Diagram applet from Cal Tech. Has the ladder/barn paradox and  more.

Visualizing Relativity Homepage

Visualizing Relativity Animations

Through Einstein's Eyes

This is a local mirror of this site for on-campus users only

These are must see. By Antony Searle of Australian National University.

Guide to Einstein’s Relativity: Lots of Twins Paradox applets
Nova: Einstein Revealed  has the Time traveler Game applet

Relativity Tutorial with section on Space-Time Diagrams

The Light Cone. Special Relativity and the speed of light.

Space time Diagram applet from above site

Quick Summary of Special Relativity. Galilean Relativity page too.

Special Relativity Page. Good Diagrams.

Einstein revealed. Nova page. Twin Paradox simulation.

            General Relativity

General Relativity Page

Space-Time Wrinkles. Popularization, mostly General Relativity, Black Holes, etc.

Super Strings and Super Symetry


String Theory

PBS Elegant Universe site
based on the book by Brian Greene

Watch all three hours online

Claims to be offical site of String Thoery by Patricia Schwarz. 
History of theory  and nice introductions to topics.

Is String Theory Even Wrong?
A critical look from Peter Woit in American Scientist

The Universe on a String
Introduction to String Theory by one of its main propoents, Edward Witten


Quantum Mechanics

What is Quantum Mechanics?


Introduction to the double slit experment with some nice applet illustrations
U. of Colorado site.

A Nice Applet showing the collapse of the probability wave in the double slit experiment
by Cemal Yalabik, Bilkent University, Physics Department.

Physics Virtual Bookshelf articles on Quantum Mechanics

The Double Slit experiment: A very simple account from Physics 2000

Brief History of Particle Physics

Double slit Experiement applet (nice but watch out for the pop up ads)
"Schrodinger's Cation' by John Horgan from Scientific American. Has some useful links.

Intro. to Quantum Mechanics

Visual Quantum Mechanics


Schrödinger Cat

Quantum Logic


Neils Bohr, Discussions with Einstein on Epistemology and Physics

Einstein, Reply to Criticism

Heisenberg's Summary of the Relation of Contemporary Physics and Philosophy

            EPR and Bell's Theorem Links

The EPR Experiment : Simple summary from

Does Bell's Inequality Principle rule out local theories of quantum mechanics? From the Physics FAQ

Bell’s Theorem: An excellent account from the Physics Virtual Bookshelf.

Bell’s Theorem : A simple account of the logic of the proof

The EPR Paradox: A simple account from the Wolfram site

The Nature of Reality:  A Nice summary of the EPR and Bell’s Theorem debate and the experiments

Locality and Quantum Mechanics (Contains a nice technical account of Bell’s proof, as well as a simpler account)

Spooky action at a distance : An explanation of Bell’s Theorem

Alternate View Column AV-37

Sheldon Goldstein’s Homepage: A good resource for realistic interpreations of QM and David Bohm

David Bohm

The Many Worlds ( Everett ) Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

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