Biology and Darwin



Voyage of Beagle



Social Darwinism

Evolution after Darwin

The Voyage of the Beagle

The Origin of Species
Hypertexts of the
Darwin Classics.


Illustrated guide to the Origin, along with text
BBC site


Selections from the Voyage of the Beagle with Commentary
by D. Likely, University of New Brunswick


The Writings of Charles Darwin

British Library site. Very Comprehensive.


Biography and History


Charles Darwin and his Writings
From the C. Warren Irvin Collection at U. of South Carolina.


Charles Darwin Homepage
Links and a short biography.


Charles Darwin: An Overview
Victorian Web Site. Excellent on the Victorian Cultural Context.


Charles Darwin, an Introduction
John Wahlert, CUNY.  Detailed Biography with images
Photo Expedition to Darwin’s England from same site.


The Age of Darwin
Comprehensive collection of Resources from the PBS Evolution Library


Darwin’s Diary
Web activity exploring
Darwin’s Diary. From PBS site.


Darwin and Victorian Culture
interview with
Darwin's biographer, James Moore. From PBS Evolution Site.   (length = 8 mins, 5 secs)



Voyage of the Beagle


The Voyage of the Beagle
From the C. Warren Irvin Collection. Excellent accounts with images of places and objects involved.


Selections from the text with Commentary
by D. Likely, University of New Brunswick


Virtual Galapagos
TerraQuest site.


Charles Darwin and the Galapagos

Melissa Binde

NSTA Galapagos Education Site

Darwin Foundation





Evolution: The PBS Series

An extensive collection of resources. A must see!
Evolution Library and Student Video Page are just two of the highlights.

The Video page has videos on the Evidence for Evolution and on How Evolution Really Works

Evolution of the Eye
PBS video.
(4 min) How the eye evolved, one of the classical problems posed against Darwin.

Evolution of a Species
Web activity showing an example of evolution in birds.


Evolution Online
BBC site.
Extensive resources. Features special illustrated version of the Origin


The Darwinian Homepage
Links to Charles Darwin and Evolution Related Pages. Evolution Archive
A collection of introductory material on evolution. A very good place to start, and has introductions to advanced topics and summaries of the evidence for evolution as well, Especially the FAQ page


Early Theories of Evolution
Dennis O’Neil,
Palomar College. Nice section on Darwin and Darwinism.



Evolution Exhibit entrance
A very nice exhibit on evolution and Darwin from Berkeley Museum of Paleontology.


Fossil Hominids
A summary of some of the evidence for human evolution.



Online Encyclopedia of Evolution


KLI Theory Lab

Excellent Bibliographical Database, strong on Evolutionary theory in Human Sciences



Darwin’s Pond and Gene Pool
Two evolution simulations by Jeffrey Ventrella.
Free and Way cool! Start with Darwin’s Pond.


Artificial life simulation from BBC site.

The gene machine

By Bill Kendrick, determines some simple facts about your genes. Medelian genetics.


Richard Dawkins created software called The Blind Watchmaker in the book of the same name to demonstrate the basic principles of evolution by evolving simple graphical organisms. Below are some web applications based on his program. Here is a more complete list

Blind Watchmaker Web application
based on Dawkins's software from book of same name

Biomorph Breeder
Anna Nardella
Biomorph Viewer
Nicolas Rennard


Social Darwinism


Social Darwinism
Thinkquest site.
(Hit visit site on Intro. Page) Introduction and definitions.


Social Darwinism

Encarta Article


Joseph Spoerl, “Social Darwinism”

Lecture from our Darwin Unit.


Selection from Spenser on Social Darwinism

Modern History Sourcebook text. From “Progress: Its Law and Causes”


A Guide to Spenser’s Social Darwinism
by Alvin Wee, from Victorian Web


Creationism and Science and Religion



Evolution vs. Creationism

Syracuse University site. Comprehensive resources on both sides.


Statements from the National Academy of Science
Information on Kansas and Georgia cases, as well as general resources.
A representative Creationist site. Edited by Paul Abramson.


National Center for Science Education

Excellent Resources on Creationism. Current news.


"Bright!!" Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett

From Edge Third Culture site.  Atheistic manifestos of a sort by two leading Darwinists.


Richard Dawkins, “Science, Delusion, and the Appetite for Wonder”

From Edge Third Culture site. 

Faith and Religion
Newman Center at CalTech: Excellent resources; has most of the texts of recent Papal pronouncements on Science

Pope John Paul II, Message to Pontifical Academy of Sciences
Pope’s Statement on Science and Religion

Science and Technology in the Catholic Catechism




Evolution after Darwin


Evolution Since Darwin

Comprehensive collection of Resources from the PBS Evolution Library

Ernst Mayr and the Evolutionary synthesis account of Modern Synthesis



Daniel Dennett, “In Darwin’s Wake, Where am I?”
2000 Presidential Address to American Philosophical Association by author of Darwin’s Dangerous Idea
How has Darwin’s theory of natural selection transformed our view of humanity’s place in the universe?
Very short essay by same author.


The World of Richard Dawkins
Unofficial website of leading contemporary neo-Darwinist
also has a useful section of Stephen Jay Gould

Stephen Jay Gould, “Patterns in Life’s History

From Edge Third Culture site.  Gould’s account of basic ideas of Darwinism with comments by Dawkins, Dennett, Mayr and other leading neo-Darwinists.


Stephen Pinker Interview:  A Biological Understanding of Human Nature

From Edge Third Culture site.  Includes Video (11 min.) by leading proponent of Darwinian understanding of Language


John Dewey, “The Influence of Darwin on Philosophy”
Classic text by the American Philosopher



Steven Jay Gould's Review of Dawkins and Dennett: "Darwinian Fundamentalism"

"The Pleasures of Pluralism"

Daniel Dennett: " In Darwin's Wake, Where Am I?"

Resource Page on Conway’s Game of Life

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