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Bjorn's Guide To Philosophy

American Philosophical Association

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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Valdosta Philosophy Department Home Page

The Window - Philosophy on the Web

Chinese University of Hong Kong Guide to Philosophy. From the CUHK's Research Institute for the Humanities.

Hyper-Weirdness Philosophy Page

The Johns Hopkins Philosophy Pages. Maintained by Dennis Des Chene.

My Virtual Encyclopedia of Philosophy and Religion. From Bob Drudge. Searchable.

Philosophy at Large. From Stephen Clark, University of Liverpool. Also available in French.

Philosophy in Cyberspace. From Dey Alexander. Includes online updates to the book of the same title.

A Window to Philosophy. From Sandro Reis.

Sites for Undergraduates

  • How To Use Philosopher's Index. Earlham College guide.

  • So You Want To Pass Your First Philosophy Course? From A.D. Irvine (University of British Columbia).

  • How To Read Slowly. By Lance Fletcher. In case you thought philosophy texts should be read like newspapers. (Skip his first few paragraphs.)

  • Writing Papers In Philosophy. The advice of Ellen Watson (University of Queensland) to her students.

  • Undergaduate Journals, Essay Contests, etc..
  • Student Philosophy Online. An Online Journal..

    Philosophy Texts Online

    Fun and Entertainment

    Zeno's Coffeehouse
    Fun Stuff for Philosophy Classes
    Steve Rapport's Monty Python Home Page
    Philosophy Humor, including Monty Python's Philosophers song
    The Jean-Paul Sartre Cookbook
    Philosopher's gallery
    Everything You Need To Know About The History Of Philosophy
    Fantastic Voyage: Philosophy from 1492-1776
    InterQuest: Online Philosophy Course
    No Dogs or Philosopher's Allowed: Socratic Philosophy Television
    The Philosopher's Tale
    Zen and and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

    Particular Topics in Philosophy

    The Metaphysics Research Lab Home Page

    Feminist/Women's Studies Resources on WWW
    Bibliography of Women in Philosophy

    Encyclicals and Other Papal Documents
    Catholic Resources on the Net

    The Left Hemisphere: Religion, Skepticism, and Secularism
    C.S. Lewis Mega-Links Page
    Study Guide to Mere Christianity
    The Catechism
    Two Thousand Years of Catholic Writings
    Aristotle archive
    Thomas Institute

    Alfred North Whitehead
    Process Studies
    Process Philosophy
    The Contextual Index of Process and Reality
    JICPS(The Japan Internet Center for Process Studies)Home Page
    The Wit and Wisdom of Alfred North Whitehead
    Whitehead's EvenMore Dangerous Idea
    The Australasian Association for ProcessThought
    New Page 5
    Whitehead's Universal Algebra
    Summary of Principia-Mathematica
    Religion in the Making - Alfred North Whitehead - 1926

    Su Tzu's Chinese Philosophy Page

    Stephen Downes : Fallacies
    Logic Puzzles

    Ethics Updates Main Page

    Continental Philosophy - a rough guide

    Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science

    Mind/Brain Resources
    Journal of Consciousness Studies
    Mind and Body
    Cognitive Science
    Indiana U Cognitive Science program
    Cognitive & Psychological Sciences
    Philosophy of Mind
    Welcome to the Principia Cybernetica Web
    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
    Contemporary Philosophy of Mind: An Annotated Bibliography
    Cognitive Science and Metaphor Center at U. of Oregon
    Conceptual Metaphor Home Page at Berkeley
    Extensive list of online papers by Daniel Dennett
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