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Academic Writing and Talks

Papers on Levinas, Dostoevsky, or Simone Weil

The Ethics of Infinite Love

 Dostoevsky and Levinas: The Ethics of Infinite Love

The Rebel and the Saint: Reading Camus with Dostoevsky

Eternity and the Bondage of Time: 

Whitehead and Spinoza on Grace and Affliction in Simone Weil

The Logic of Laceration in The Brothers Karamazov

Desire, Personal Identity, and the Infinite in Descartes, Whitehead, and Levinas

Papers on Topics in Modern Philosophy

“Who Do you think You are?

"Berkeley's Argument and the Perspectivist Fallacy"

Banach, "Hume on Force and Vivacity and the Content of Ideas"

Outline of a paper on Hume’s view of force and vivacity and the content of abstract ideas

Banach, “Certainty and How to do Without it”
Outline of paper containing a refutation of Hume’s criticism of induction along with an account of Hume’s views of the role of philosophy in ordering our lives

Banach, “The Impetus of Ideas”
Outline of a paper based on Hume’s view of the force and vivacity of ideas applied to the problem of representation.

Papers on the impications of cellular automata such as Conway's Life

A New Kind of Dualism (Abstract): A paper on some philosophical implications of using the Life world as a model for how mechanism works.

Powerpoint  (video clips will most likely not play over internet)
Executable archive of Powerpoint along with video clips  (Download,  run to extract, and then play on your computer.

What killed substantial form? 
A paper on the origins of Mechanism in the Scientific Revolution and a new view of substantial form, using Life as the main illustration.

Mechanism and Levels of Being
A paper on the limits of Mechanism and how it leads to a new view of form, using Life as the main illustration.

Time and Free Will

Freedom and inevitablity as a properties of events in time.

Works on Miscellaneous Topics in the Philosophy of Science

Being Smart about Intelligent Design

Science and the Meaning of Life:

Responding to Evangelical Atheism

Putnam's Model Theoretic Argument

Representing, Similarity, and the Storage of Information

Putnam on Reference
Short Summary of Putnam's central examples concerning meaning and natural kinds

Representing and Knowing
The problems of Objectivity and Realism discussed through a new view of what it is to represent.

Other Topics

The Ethics of Infinite Love

Your Very Own Problem of Evil

Does Anything Really Matter, and Does it Really Matter if it Does?

Humanities Lectures

Outline of Some Important Points from Sartre's Existentialism and Human Emotions
"The Ethics of Absolute Freedom"


Outline of some main points from Camus “An Absurd Reasoning”


Michelangelo and the Value of Art


Galileo and the Origins of the Modern World

Outline of Lecture

Powerpoint Presentation

mp3 audio file of lecture


Marie Curie and the Revolution in Our Concept of Matter

David Banach

Lecture Outline

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Hobbes and the New Science


Tolstoy and the Value of Art

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