Background Information

I am a Biologist at Saint Anselm College. My background is in the areas of Evolutionary Biology, Ecology and Behavior of birds. My research interests are in geographic variation in morphology, behavior and genetics of birds. I have studied Oporornis warblers across the northern United States and Canada, seabirds breeding in Alaska, Tyrant flycatchers and Whip-poor-wills in New Hampshire. My students and I have also conducted preliminary analyses of the solid waste stream and recycling on the Saint Anselm College Campus.

The focus of my current research is on song variation in the Mourning Warbler. I have recorded males throughout the breeding range and am studying patterns of macrogeographic variation in song of this species (see Mourning Warbler Blog). I am simultaneously conducting research on the biological significance of this variation, using song playback experiments. I will soon be studying cultural evolution in this species, comparing songs from the 1980s with recent recordings 20 years later.

I am assembling videos of Birds of North America for my Ornithology (BI 347) course. I have included videos of Birds of the Galapagos Islands from a recent trip in April 2010. I will be incorporating some of the videos in the Darwin Unit of the Humanities IV course here at the College.

For further information, please see my Curriculum Vitae and Biology Department profile.

I have assembled this homepage so it can be used as a resource for searching information about my courses taught at Saint Anselm College, information for students' assignments and exercises in my courses, my research interests and my personal interests. There are also sections with general information on recycling on campus and the community of Goffstown, neotropical migrant bird conservation in New Hampshire, local Audubon Society events and recent bird sightings. I would appreciate any comments you might have. Send them to me at (remember to change the AT to @). A note to telemarketers, spammers and anyone collecting e-mail addresses for the purposes of using them to distribute junk e-mail: I have a very strict policy on the use of my e-mail address. Please review this policy before you use this address. Use of this address means that you agree with the policy.

Credits - Photos (from top to bottom)

1 - Dr. J and Marcia Maccone, SW coast of Alaska, photo by Greg Snedgen

2 - Parker River National Wildlife River Refuge, Newburyport, MA, photo by Dr. Jay Pitocchelli

3 - Northern Fur Seals, Bogoslof Island, Alaska, photo by Dr.Jay Pitocchelli