Museum Science - Avian Skeleton Preparation

Evolutionary Biology BI 25




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Examples of Specimens Species
  Barred Owl
  Rock Dove
Features of External Anatomy Species
  Body molt - Ring-necked Pheasant 1
  Body molt - Ring-necked Pheasant 2
  Body molt - Ring-necked Pheasant 3
  Body molt - Ring-necked Pheasant 4
  Polymorphism - Grey Phase tail feathers of the Ruffed Grouse
  Cooper's Hawk - raptor talons
  Great Blue Heron - wader feet
Specimen preparation  
  Examining birds for wing molt
  De-feathering the wings 1 - Dr. Jay Pitocchelli

De-feathering the wings 2 - Adam Bissonnette

  Defeathered Ruffed Grouse by Jesse Milling
Internal Anatomy Species
Developed ovary (breeding season) Broad-winged Hawk female - ovary with ova (Chris McIntyre dissection)
Granular ovary (non-breeding season) Great Blue Heron female - ovary granular 1 (Adam Bissonnette dissection)
Developed testes (breeding season) Great Blue Heron female - ovary granular 2 (Adam Bissonnette dissection)
Undeveloped testes (non-breeding season) Common Grackle - large , developed, testes (Caitlin Melley dissection)
Undeveloped testes (non-breeding season) Ring-necked Pheasant - undeveloped testes (Dan Hinchen dissection)
  Ruffed Grouse - undeveloped testes (Jesse Milling dissection)


Photos by Steffan Poltak, '04