General Biology (BI 01) - Lab Seminar Topics Fall 2002


Lab Section Medicine Groups Topics in Medicine Genetics Groups Topics in Genetics

1) Jennifer Bellizia and Jerod Edmondson

1) Skin Cancer

1) Lauren Ryan, Rachael Bourossa, and Allison Scalia

1) Lou Gehrig's Disease

2) Katie Bombardieri, Katie Sorensen and, Jen Curran 2) West Nile Virus 2) Whitney May, Nate Richi, Steve Kelley 2) Transgenic foods
3) Bill Murphy, Scott Sylvester and Colin Remilard 3) Eating Disorders 3) Miranda Comiskey, Leslie Schuler, and Tom O'Brien 2) Parkinson's Disease

1) Courtney Banks, Erin Riley, and Caitlin Casey

1) West Nile Virus

1) Alison Nebosky, Victoria Wills, and Christina Zajac

1) Down Syndrome

2) Jarrod Pimentel and Mark Pelletier 2) Colon cancer 2) Nicholas J. Molinari , Kathryn Best and Laura Rossi 2) Sickle-cell anemia
3) Brian Trentacost, Brett Sawyer and Justin Guimond 3) Medical use of marijuana 3) Julie Brodeur, Sean Sullivan, and Pete Delrose 3) Fragile X Syndrome

1) Melissa Gill, Sara Petrowitz and Nicole DaPonte

1) Alzheimer's Disease

1) Kamil Drzewinski, Kristen Renda, and Melissa Oliverio

1) Osteoarthritis

2) Megan Maloney, Lisa Nieskoski and Jennifer Robichaud 2) Parkinson's Disease
3) Robert Keefe and Richard Battaglia 3)DNA Fingerprinting
4) Kate Merrifield, Beth Matano and Katie Brewer 4) Stem Cells

1) Alexis Moniz, Sarah Fallon and Jessie Guertner


1) Nick Bellistri, Katie Ferrara and Melissa Proverb

1)Down Syndrome

2) Julie Walsh, Barbara Joslin and Meredith Nicholson 2) Breast Cancer
3) Emily O'Donnell, Joe Pinciaro and Theresa Treloar 3) Dietary Supplements 2) Brendan Grimm and Shaun St. Onge Cystic Fibrosis

1) Mike Cheshire and Mike Clements



1) Laura Nealon, Sheba Philip and Julie Pistorino

1) Diabetes
2) Matt Benner and Liz Toomey 2)
3) Kelly O'Brien and Kelly Alfaro 3) Meningitis
4) Jill Esernia and Bethany Lane 4) Lyme Disease 2) John Welch, Greg Noble and Kara Wall 2) Turner Syndrome

1) Jen Doherty and Alex Gostanian

1) Dietary Supplements

1) Gina Rotondi, Chelsea Neville, and Jessica Tata

1) Parkinson's Disease

2) Michael Roever, Matt Nealon, Chris Gooding- and Jen Concannon 2) Meningitis
3) Matt McMorris and Evan Tarracciano 3) Superinfections
4) Kelly Griffiths and Chris Cote 4) Breast Cancer
5) Danielle McPartland, Jess Grassia, Laura Vincent 5) Skin Cancer
6) Tim Menton and Kelli Sullivan 6) Gene Therapy and Cancer

1) Anna Rainville, Amy Roberts, and Elizabeth Donohue

1) Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

1) Chris Beaton, Bob Lemelin

1) DNA Fingerprinting
2) Amalea Schrader-Rank, Bhumika Piya 2) Cancer
3) Erin Hammond, Christine Forster, and Brendan Murphy 3) UV Light and Skin Cancer 2) Kristina Pizzicanella and Carol Rein

2) Cloning

4) Elizabeth Donohue, Anna Rainville and Amy Roberts 4) Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma 2)  Nick Quinn, Joan Moffit, and John Hernandez  

1) Lauren Cullen, Liz Gambino and Kelly Page

1) Lyme Disease

1) Kara Kouri, Nicole Donahue,and Nick Nardone

1) Cloning

2) Amanda Frost, Sarah Zimmerman and Dianah Milewski 2) Hemophilia
3) Amanda Fisher, Audra Richardson, and Daryl Marma 3) Marfan Syndrome
4) Kevin Roach and Carmen Henriquez

4) Genetic Engineering


5) Bill Florence and Rob Curran 5) Down Syndrome

1) Lindsay Brown and Lindsey Valich

1) Parkinson's Disease

1) Shane Dinagen, Adam Snell,and Mike Bombardier

1) Sickle-cell anemia
2) Emily Blessing and Kristen Keane 2) Genetics of alcoholism
2) Andrew Tuttle, Jessica Costa and Matthew Sheaff 2) Liver Cancer 3) Mindy Calisto, Megan Garland and Chris Pericak 3) Cloning

1) Jenna VanDeventer, Natalie Wood and, Carrie Poirier

1) Autism

1)Jennifer Mathieu, Kim Wilson and Erin Stannard

2) Will Freyler and Brok Griffiths

1) Down Syndrome

2) Cloning

2) Katie Sylvia, Doug Beaulieu and Candace Puchacz 2) Birth Control
3) Sarah Bergeron, Kristen Conlon and Lewis Brooks 3) Gulf War Syndrome
4) Andrea Grenga, Kelle Flynn and Mandy Peters 4 Skin Cancer

1) Nate Pasay and Mike Kenton

2) Hilary Small, Julie Byrne and Elizabeth Wright

1) Natural Medicine

2) Anorexia nervosa

1) Jessica White, Bobby Orlando and Adam Charters

1) Down Syndrome
2) Meaghan Adams, Haley Watjtasinski and Katelyn
3) Julian Vanderpot and Kaitlin Certo 3) DNA Fingerprinting
4) Matt Rogers, Ryan Davey and Tyler Flores 4) Fragile X Syndrome
5) Kevin Delaney and Richard Lally 5) Stem Cell Research

1) Nicole Aubert, Lavinia Wergen, and Isaira Almonte

1) Meningitis

1) Kathleen Simpson and Jessica Bachelder

1) Cri du Chat Syndrome
2) Amy Lunt, Katie Rowe and Lauren Buckley 2) Diet pills
3) Tim Bruneau, Tom Danisiewicz 3)
4) Michaela McDonald Jenna Maccarone and Meagan Carr 4)
5) Ross Attfield and Michael Corbett 5)

1) Emily corbett, Danielle Curly and Joanna Kierska

1) 1) Jackie Nicolett, Kelly MacNeil and Jeff Labanara 1) Phenylketonuria
2) Jessica Witkowski, Ashley Berube, and Paul Mucica 2) Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder
Unknowns (need lab section and or topic title)

I - Michael DiLillo, Adam Carvill, and Matt Newhall