General Biology (BI 101) - Lab Seminar Topics Fall 2008


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Topics in Medicine
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Topics in Genetics
Ashley Lloyd, Chelsea Anderson Medical and recreational drugs Viyan Haji Taha, Brian Oleary, Kathleen McGillycuddy - Powerpoint Parkinson's Disease
Brian Hatch, Garrett Maunsell - Powerpoint Alcoholism Carly Peicott
Jamie Comrie
Hannah Watkins
Down Syndrome
  Jonathan Rouillard, Nick Rossi and Andy Fitzgerald Sleep medication    
Rebecca Mead
Katie Bussiere
Connor O'Brien

Chaves, Christopher
O'Rourke, Michelle, Hickey, Joe - Powerpoint

Kelly Botteri, Evan MacDonald and Jarred Mitrano Diabetes Marissa Serafino
Ryan Hickey
Stephanie Perrelli
Cystic fibrosis
Katy Evangelista, Kathleen McGinnis Gardasil vaccine Christina Salerno, Kathleen Conley - Powerpoint Sanfilippo Syndrome (MPS 3)
Bob Santos, Joseph McNamara - Powerpoint Lung cancer Lena Shubina, Louis Arbelo - Powerpoint Albinism in tigers
Danielle Buduo and Michelle Aucion Drug addiction and treatment Lauren Miller
Sam Dusza - Powerpoint
Britta Ekdahl, Meaghan Welch Steroids Amy Zappen, Sara Bassett, Nate Dolan - Powerpoint Stem cell research
Jeff Crisculo, Ian Humphreys, Tyler Steinetz - Powerpoint Medical marijauna Chris Tebo, Meaghan Ryan, Mike Healy - Powerpoint Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Kasey Shaughnessy, Tony Giovaninni, Lauren Johnson - Powerpoint Adderall    
Micaela Hebert, Ben Horton - Powerpoint Steroid use in MLB Amy Sallese and Mike Quinn - Powerpoint Hemophilia
Anders Dahlberg and Steven Dion - Powerpoint Leukemia Emily Runey and Erika French Down Syndrome
Sean Morris, Andrew Somerville, and Dustin Mone - Powerpoint Crack babies Stephanie Chaisson, Michael Healy - Powerpoint Klinefelter's Syndrome
  Christine Otey, Justin Alexander, Charlotte Tencza Medical marijuana    
Scott Richards, Andy Andreatta Steroids Kerry Loan, Alexandra Budz - Powerpoint Chimerism
Kayli Dionne, Bryan McCormack - Powerpoint Cystic fibrosis Kate Harris, Lannon Eldridge - Powerpoint Cloning
      Maria Gonzalez, Andrew Cyr - Powerpoint Fatal Familial Insomnia
      Steve Moran, Abbie James and Shannon Allard - Powerpoint Hemophilia
Lauren Felix, Audrey Frenette and Bryan Predhomme Mononucleosis Brian Conley, Steve Hanrahan Down Syndrome
Marcus Dilloff, Brock Weber Allergy medicines Tim Pacific, Eric Silva Autism
Connaught O'Brien
Alisson Geldieva
Shone's Syndrome    
Jenna Gavin, Christina Keroack Second hand smoke Meghan Ritchie, Heather Curtin Dwarfism
  Annie Madaus, Ashley Gresh - Powerpoint Breast cancer Ashley Motta and Nicole Laverty - Powerpoint Autism
  Stephanie Mauer and David Stamatis West Nile Virus Jonathan Burgess
Zachary Kay - Powerpoint
Josh Fitch and Dan Mclaughlan - Powerpoint Lyme Disease Justine Sabbs, John Castellucci Kathleen Flannery - Powerpoint Lupus
Maura Smith
Gabrielle Velez
Mary Feenan
Polio Gerard Harrington, Joe Landry Dwarfism
Elizabeth Gollinger
Matthew Reed
Kevin Doherty - Powerpoint
Medical marijauna Andrea Fine and Aly Zappen - Powerpoint Hemophilia
Jack Keough, Tom Morgan, and Chris Sullivan Medicinal use of psilocybin Megan Walsh
Stephen Cunniffe
Muscular dystrophy
  Gabrielle Haseotes and Jamie Verner, Alexandra Deware - Powerpoint Fetal alcohol syndrome Angela Zevnik and Bridget Sylvester Circadian Clock Gene Per3
Henry Domenie and John Surabian Alzheimer's disease Kelsey Fournier and Jena Tonelli - Powerpoint Genetics of Primordial Dwarfism
Matt Conley and Cameron Campbell West Nile Virus Michael Devita and Ryan Holley - Powerpoint Hemophilia
Dan DeCoste and Jeff Donnis Mouth cancer Tim Cooney, Brad Forgetta Dwarfism
  Mike Hicks and Nick Melendez - Powerpoint Steroids    
Bryan Scrocca, Liam Concannon Lung cancer Kara Kucharski, Shawna Phillips, Dustin  Parks Parkinson's Disease
  Jill Pellerin, Jacy Howard - Powerpoint Depresion medication    
Maura Curran, Alex Vincinguerra, Patrick Johnson Medical marijuana    
Nicholas Pierce and Steve Murray - Powerpoint Bionic limbs Justine Follansbee and Mikaela Ferguson - Powerpoint Malaria
Rob Mostrom, Jordan Barnes ADD, ADHD Anthony Guthrie and Michelle Lafleur - Powerpoint Cystic Fibrosis
Bridget Taylor & Tyler Lavallee - Powerpoint Alzheimer's Disease    
Michael LeBlanc, Garret Gervais, Helen Trindall Prostate Cancer Ashley Vannasse, Allison McCarthy, and Callie Hughes Albinism
Kelsey Rhodes Giovanni Lorusso and Dan Breen Steroids Jonathan Millis, Max Wiley Diabetes