General Biology (BI 101) - Lab Seminar Topics Fall 2009


Lab Section
Topics in Medicine Medicine Groups   Topics in Genetics Genetics Groups
Eating disorders Lindsay MacDonald and Aly Quinn     Lauren Johnson, Greg Brown
Steroids and how they affect the body Paul Reutenauer, Josh Lee-Masiello   Cancer in twins Brittany Lavigne, Natalie Silver
    Joe Robichaud, Sophie Abimerhi, and Tom Eckenrode   Fragile X Synrdome Bridget Callahan, Sarah Ellins
Medical Marijuana Myungwoo Lee and Chris Harrisson   Osteogenesis Imperfecta Nicole Mailhot, Danielle Forte
Bioterrorism Kelly DeSormier and Ryan Abraham   Cystic Fibrosis Jennifer Bonin, Meghan Palmer, and Jocelyn Visconte
Opiates Ethan Lawrence, Christopher P Grenier, Daniel A Cowell      
Stomach cancer Meri Lippard, Evan Dellolio, and Freja Pelich   Mermaid Syndrome Emily Lemmon, Jahanzeb Choudhry, Gregory LeMay
Eating Disorders Meghan Grant Colleen Casey Stephanie Gregory   Cloning Thomas Higgins, Brendan Timmons, Austin Wakinekona
Babies born with addictions/HIV Bianca Pisano, Lauren Barry, Kristin Harper      
Breast cancer Aileen Hickey, Dustin Bealby, and Nalani Fernandez   Dwarfism Clark Preston, Kyle Clayson, Kevin Salvaggio
ALS Tucker Mullin, Joey Demeria, Joe Gulino   Birth defects Joseph Denti and Peter Donovan
Skin cancer Craig Dennis, Tyler Crawford Lindsay Fleming   Genetic engineering Brian Foley, Emilio Bardini
H1N1 Vaccine William O'Connor and Robert Kelly   Cystic Fibrosis Richard Manzi and Chris Elcock
        Michael Martini, Dale Degraw
        James Russell Michael Valenti
        Gay gene Lauren Galavotti, Sally Persons
Performance Enhancing Steroids Michael Hanna & Kevin Haley   Angelman Syndrome Alexandria Brown, Emily Knight, and Josh Payne
Polio Matt St.Hilaire and Chris Harrington   Autism Megan Benkart, Devin Welenc
  Cystic Fibrosis Meghan Tunney & Andrew Kacz      
Crack babies Julia McLaughlin Cameron Connolly Matthew Hurd   Down Syndrome Therese Sullivan, Devon Langin, and Lauren DeMatteo
      Albinism Victoria Neville, Rebecca Garafola, and Katrina Fehy
      Cloning Monica Hidalgo, Ashley Bloomer, Arielle Zhitomirsky
Robotics in Surgery David Skerry and Colin Medeiros   Elephantitis Hannah Gilbert Emily Krasowski Jamie Mcgarry
  Swine Flu Julia Tricca and Meghan Reilly      
  Chemotherapy Lindsey Edwards and Ben Houle      
Contrasting 3 Common Cold Medications Kendra Hill, Kylie Giroux and Lydia Fortin   Forensics subjects Jacqueline Lavorgna, Leon Davis, Nicholas Vilandre
Obsessive-compulsive disorder Laryssa Feliciano, Nathan Chartier, and Leah Shea   Biometric scanning Jackie Conley and Becky Golden
Adderal Robert Lydon Kristin Zanotti   Autism Eric Whitney, Chris Chapman, Colleen Kluberdanz
Steroids Justin Redente, Jon Britton   Klinefelter's Syndrome Jharid Pratt, Matt Gordon, Trevor Jeanson
          Evan Gogonis, Chris Youngs, Pat Higgins
How vaccines work Brian Woodbury, Dan Mcfarland, Will Edwards   Cystic fibrosis Sara Duane Morgan Frame Elda Paftalaku
Breast Cancer Ryan Maldanado Nick Miyasato, Eric Moriarty   Trisomy 21 Garrett Ostafin, Matt Greeke
Diabetes Sam Elliot, Courtney Tobey, Connor O'Donnell      
Effects of steroids John Hyslip, Reed Hersey      
Adderal Alison Randazza, Caroline O'Connor   Dwarfism Katherine Landry Ian Downing Ian Snyder
  Psycho-Pharmaceuticals Tom Hobbes Tyler Savage Sophie O'Reilly      
Diabetes Hannah Wiley, Zach Wormell, James Payton      
Impetigo Catherine Mulligan Olivia O'Toole   DNA in Forensics Katelyn Morreale & Barbara Powers
Schizophrenia Isaac Saidel-Goley and Nicole Bramante   Celiac Disease Cayla Teehan, Brittany Dawber, Joe Travia
Progeria Donna Pioli, Kayla Lowe, Tim Wirzburge   Down Syndrome Chris Murphy Ethan Fortin Emily Ryan
Steroids Matthew Morrison, Dan Tighe, Jasna Numanovic      
  No topic or topic late        
  Did not present on time        
  Never contacted professor with topic Joe Robichaud, Sophie Abimerhi, and Tom Eckenrode