General Biology (BI 101) - Lab Seminar Topics Fall 2010


Lab Section
Topics in Medicine Medicine Groups   Topics in Genetics Genetics Groups
Parkinson's Disease Ryan Lewandowski and Jake Zontini   Insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis Dan Higgins, Kellie Marshall
Lyme Disease Daniel Beaulieu and Brandon Critch   Down Syndrome Julie Smith and Chris Genter
  Narcolepsy Andrew Mueskes and Caitlyn Mulligan   Cystic Fibrosis Kyle Coburn and Karley Click
  Steroids Alex Murphy, Vincent Pizzi   Siamese twins Tessa Ryan, Chris Weeman
Coronary heart disease Dan O'Shea and Kiran Ganguly, Corrie Masson   Gentically Modified Foods Kevin Coates, Katrina Miamis and Leah Zraunig
Bubonic Plague Andrew McIntyre Lexi Giannandrea Brian Mannion      
Guillain-Barre syndrome Tyler Becker, Eddie Burns, Chris Albrecht      
  Crack babies Kelly Ghiz Jordan Roberts Kaitin Cornelio      
Painkillers (addiction) Andrew Spero, Chris Downs, Christian Lavallee   Genetic engineering Michael Demers, Brian O'Shea, Matt Gaylean
Eating disorders Caitryn Gustafson, Alexander Pascall, and Eric Czapka   Heredity of Addiction Zach Hilton and Matt Previte
Fetal alcohol syndrome Ashley Stebbins, Kiki Dlugos, Erin Donahue      
  AIDS and AZT Gabrielle Cohen Jennifer Murray      
Smoking Kristen Hoffman, Kylie Kozlowski, Dino Roffo   Turner Syndrome Sarah Smith, Dustin MacConnell and Laura LaBranche
Effects of alcohol on health Tim Glynn, Travis Rious, and Kevin Fruwirth      
Bionic limbs Conor Trask, Brian Bozek, Kyle Grumoli      
  Addictions, the treatments and medicines used to treat them Alissa Hubert, Briana Hayes, and Tara Byrne      
Anti-biotic Resistance Andrew Messner, Dean Tanner and Dan O'Connell   Autism William Walker, Trevor Jessie, and Brandon Gomes
Parkinson's Disease Kevin Felisme, Carlos Monzon, Eric Feehan   Dwarfism Alexander Letvinchuk, Titus Buchanan, Hannah Reed
      Hemophilia Ben Fox, Mike Musso, Nick Dries
Gardasil vaccine Annie Sears, Grace Evangelista, and Cassie LaBell   Treacher Collins syndrome Eileen Bell, Dave Pendergast, and Saul Urbina
Autism Jaimy Rosario, Ashlee Rollins   Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome  Christina Kaczynski Bo Healey Justin Bernard
  Diabetes Sarah Maranto and Jeff Laskey      
  Common food allergies Marie Schwab, Brittany Dicologero, Mia Russo      
Crack babies Brianna Dooley, Karlee Guzowski, Monica Schooley   Down Syndrome Helen Edwards & Aaron Smith
Alcoholism Julia Stachura and Elizabeth Fenn      
Natural medicine Frank Spinosa, Eric Boumil and Jorge Gonzalez      
  Birth defects Shanna Hennebry-Kenny, Nicole Gaziano, and Sarah Henkle      
  Fetal alcohol syndrome Amanda LeClair, Elizabeth Butz, and Jennifer Anton      
Eating disorders Schyler DeChane-Crawford & Laura Cangiano   Mermaid Syndrome Laura Sullivan, Jennifer Bartlett and Chelsea Hanninen
  Lung cancer Laura Laviska, Amy Harrington, and Brittany Barrett   Down syndrome Briana Jones, Catherine Pellino and Omar Cano
  Alcoholism Matt Gunzelmann and Theresa Colella      
  Medical aspects of addiction Matt Santello, Derek Bruinooge, Mike Ford      
Medical marijauna Michael Bancroft, Frank Grande, and Richard Serino   Human Genome Project Kiely Mccann Jessica Jordan Dan Faiella
Crack babies Alex Odegaard and Lori Salamone      
  Oral Contraceptives Jessica Galvin, Kaley Letendre, and Micaela McGrath      
  BIID Michaela Johnson and Kaileigh Gorman      
  Schizophrenia Veronica Lester, Molly Cavicchi and Tom Hickey      
Eating Disorders Emily Donovan Katherine Morrissey      
Acupuncture Meghan Gill, Sara Palmer      
  Mononucleosis Dzung Pham and Sean Connolly      
Steroids Leo Polverini, and Sam Mullins      
  H1N1 Bridget Mazza, Brian Ayers      
  Breast Cancer Kierra Moore, Jenna Lemoi, Dillon Morrone      
Eating disorders Samantha Glavin Alison Letvinchuk   Cystic Fibrosis Sean Curtis and John Pearson
Medical marijuana John Birr, Jordan Guyton, Stan Pacuk   Sickle Cell Anemia Ryan Mee and Amy Millet
Steroids Juan Lluberes, Robert Kang   Dyslexia Shannon Fahy, Stephanie Orwell, and Lillian Downing
      Dwarfism Mike Kearney, Bruno DaSilva, and Mariah Gynn
ADD Bridget Hart, Elizabeth Gale, and Lauren Clark   Dwarfism Kelsey Ouellette , Meg Morrissey
  Steroids Jake Mallinson and Mike DeSimone   Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Rebecca Cronin, Jessica Genza, and Abigail Krusemark
Medical marijauna Catherine O'doherty james Fitzgerald and Patrick Even   Cystic Fibrosis Guy Sergi, Scott Freeman, Alicia Dupras
Aderall and ADHD Scott Shiner, Griffin Sandler, Greg Merrill   Albinism Brendon Lynch, Shawn Hrbek, Elizabeth Kidonova
Diabetes Brendon Leslie, Julia Muccini      
Hypo-Plastic Left Heart Syndrome Sarah Liamos Emily Blossom and Richard Tucker      
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