CL 101
Regular attendance and participation in class
You will need to read one or two chapters of the textbook per week, and be ready to answer questions about the chapter in class.
Attendance will be taken. Regular attendance and participation in class will be essential for your progress in this course.
If you have missed a class, or expect to, call or email me to find out about the missed work. If you are thinking about cutting a class because you are unprepared, don’t. Come anyway and tell me in advance if you would prefer not to be called on.

Timely submission of homework
Homework will be assigned at the end of most classes. Do it.

Short quizzes
A quiz on some of the week’s work will be given during the first ten minutes of some class meetings. All quizzes will be announced in advance. If you expect to be absent on the day of the quiz, notify me in time and you may take it in advance.

Midterms and final examination
These tests will be cumulative, though with an emphasis on material covered since the previous test.