The purpose of this course is to examine the period from 50-44 BC through first-hand eyewitness accounts: letters written by Cicero, Pompey et.al. and Caesar’s Bellum Civile. To understand the underlying personal and factional politics of this period, we will supplement our text with Lily Ross Taylor’s Party Politics in the Age of Caesar which focuses on the period leading up to the civil war (70-50 BC). Through an examination of these and other literary sources, the goal is to construct a more complete understanding of this critical period in Roman History. The emphasis of this course will be two-fold: to reach a proficiency in the political history of the late Republic and to strengthen reading/translating skills.

Finn and Groton, Res Publica Conquassata: Readings on the Fall of the Roman Republic, Wayne State UP, 1998.
Taylor, L. R. Party Politics in the Age of Caesar, U of CA Press, 1968.

Participation* 25%
Exam 25%
Project* 25%
Final Exam 25%
xxxxx*may include presentations