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Classical Mythology On-Line
Internet resource for ML Classical Mythology, note that this site is tied to the new 7th edition whose chapters are numbered differently ftom those of the 6th edition (our version) refer to chapter titles instead.
Myths, Legends, and Folklore
A veritable treasure trove of sites, from Norse to Native American sites, and across time.
Perseus Online
Interactive sources for all of Greek Mythology
Gilgamesh Gilgamesh Summary

Study Guide: Epic of Gilgamesh

Study Guide for Gilgamesh

Assyro-Babylonian Mythology FAQ

Story Telling, the Meaning of Life and the Epic of Gilgamesh

ML Chapter 22 (7th ed) activities
Perseus Project Hercules Page
Statues of Sauromatian and Sarmatian Women
Excavations at Pokrovka
Mysteries of Ancient History: The Amazons
Orellana and the Amazons
Wild Women: The Amazons
The Amazon Connection
Warrior Women in History
Perseus, Theseus & Bellerophon
ML Chapter 21 activities
ML Chapter 23 activities
Ancient City of Athens
A photographic archive of archaeological and architectural remains, and a virtual tour.
Trojan War
ML Chapter 19 activities
ML Chapter 20 activities

Catalog of Images- The Trojan War- an illustrated companion

Fragments of the Epic Cycle

The Odyssey

ML Chapter 20 activities
In the Wake of Odysseus very useful site which collects evidence and theories concerning the geography of Odysseus' voyage
The Navigations of Odysseus serious attempt to map voyage
Homer's Odyssey good collection of web resources for Odyssey
The Cyclops
Odyssey Game
Odyssey : Index of Web Pages
The Homer Homepage
Homeric Singing- an approach to the Original Performance
The Odyssey in Linear B
Theban Cycle

ML Chapter 17 activities

ML Chapter 18 activities
Didaskalia: Introduction to Ancient Theater
Aeschylus' Agamemnon

Web Resources for the Oresteia

Oresteia Study Guide

House of Atreus Lecture Notes

ART: Oresteia pics from stage production

The Politics of Aeshylus' Eumenides


O'Neill Autobiography An Electronic Eugene O'Neill Archive

Shakespeare Theater 1997 Production

Washington Post Review of '97 Production

Mourning Becomes Electra: operatic version

Jason & Medea

ML Chapter 24 activities
Ancient Greek (Hellenic) Sites on theWorld-Wide Web
A motherlode of links to sites dealing with ancient Greece with particular emphasis on the Jason & Medea myth.
Roman Mythology

ML Chapter 26 activities
Aeneid Vergil's Homepage

Augustus: Images of Power