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an historical evaluation of Season 1
Plot Summary: Episode VI

The sixth episode of the first season of “Rome” opens on Vorenus’ home, the children play while Niobe readies him in his prefect uniform. They discuss Lyde’s missing husband, Evander. Pullo is with him as they go to protect Marc Antony. Meanwhile Marc Antony hears requests and petitions in Pompey’s villa where he makes a deal with the most senior senator in Rome to make him his consular puppet. Among his demands are that the consul for the coming year nominates Caesar as his co-consul and then endorse a law that at least a third of Rome's agricultural workforce be freeborn, and not slaves. Publius Servilius Rullus protests at the expense of such a law. "Only to those few rich men that own all the land," Antony replies arrogantly, "and they will have the consolation of doing something eminently patriotic."

Meanwhile the women discuss a new husband for Vorena. Vorenus and Pullo get drunk because Vorenus is stressed that Lyde is living with them and he and Niobe cannot seem to get along. Flash to the senate the next day where Marc Antony’s new puppet gives an “oration” for one of Caesar’s new laws. The law is swiftly pushed through. Pullo informs Lyde that her husband is dead, that he was killed by Greeks for gambling debts, sending her further down her spiral of despair directing her anger at Niobe, her husband’s lover. Pullo shoots a meaningful look at Niobe and declares that everyone should get on with their lives. Lyde curses Niobe by the “grace of the furies” but says she will keep her sisters secret “for the sake of the child.” Pullo continues to tutor Octavian in all things “manly.” Octavian’s virtue comes into discussion and Atia, still preoccupied with making a man of her son, suggests that he join Caesar's army to "get some real Pompeian blood on your sword." She also insists that Pullo help him to penetrate someone. Pullo takes him to one of the high class brothels, where Octavian is presented with attractive women and boys, he chooses an "adequate" woman. Pullo tells the brothel mistress that Egeria, his selection, better “fuck him like Helen of Troy with her arse on fire.” After hearing that her family had been killed and she had been kidnapped, tells her to get on her hands and knees. After, she informs Pullo that the young Octavian performed "like bull."

Niobe consults a priestess of the goddess Egeria. Vorenus and Niobe attempt to rekindle their romance over a romantic dinner. It works. Meanwhile, Caesar is still chasing Pompey in Greece and Pompey, gathering more legions, begins chasing Caesar and so Caesar orders the 13th to venture to Greece. Pompey sends a man to Marc Antony to see if he will pay him allegiance instead of Caesar promising him asylum. He reasons that if Antony goes, he will be doomed anyway, but if he stays, Pompey will give him a province to govern and "money enough to preserve your dignity." Antony says he needs a day to think on it. Vorenus and Niobe, obviously closer, discuss the departure of the 13th. Atia and Marc Antony have dinner, only after he makes her wait and she coyly pretends not to remember the plans. They have pillow talk and Atia suggests Marc Antony and she get married. If Caesar is defeated, she will need Antony's protection, and he will need "coin and nobility enough" to make himself a king. He calls her a “wicked old Harpie” and she slaps him and he slaps her. They scream at each other and he storms out. Marc Antony orders the 13th to Greece, passing on both Pompey and Atia’s plans for him to shirk Caesar.

Atia sends Servilia the gift of a well endowed slave as a “peace offering.” She enlists her daughter Octavia to bring the gifts to Servilia, who is not thrilled by the gifts, but assures Octavia she knows that the girl has a good soul, and encourages her to visit again, creating unexpected sexual tension. As for Octavian, Atia has decided to send him to an academy in Mediolanum, as the city is "not safe for men of the Julii." Pullo and Vorenus say goodbye to the family. Mark Antony leaves the villa and is confronted by Pompey’s messenger for an answer. He receives one, a blow to the face. The 13th embarks for Greece and is last seen sailing on stormy seas with Pullo being irreverent to the gods and Vorenus scolding him.


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