QUIZ BOWL 2015: Tournament Elite 8
2/19 Alumni 5 Alumni 7
7:00 Alumni Hall & Oates (3)
Eye of the Sparrow (6)
Tyler Pare's House of Pain (2)
Butterfly Falcon (7)
7:30 One Team to Rule Them All (4)
Edward Quizzorhands (5)

Hermathena (1)
Swagamemnon (9)

February 10, 2014
Quiz Bowl Single Elimination Tournament
sontinues Thursday, February 19th. The matches will be held in Alumni Hall Classrooms 5 & 7. See the table above for your scheduled round. Any team member who has not played in a competitive round is ineligible for the tournament. Tournament standing was determined both by a team's W/L record and total points scored. If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail.

Quiz Bowl Standings
n.b. On 2/6, two teams forfeited against each other. As our stats program has no way of indicating this double loss by forfeit, it shows the loss as a tie. It should be a loss. Sorry for any confusion.

2015 Tournament Bracket