Classics Program
Students majoring in Classics may concentrate either in Greek or in Latin. If Latin is chosen, six courses in Latin, exclusive of Latin 103-4, and four courses in Greek are required. If Greek is chosen, six courses in Greek, exclusive of Greek 101-2, and four courses in Latin are required. It is strongly recommended that Classics 275, 222, 223, History 311-12, Philosophy 211 and two years of a modern foreign language be taken as electives. The student must also pass a written comprehensive examination in the language, literature and culture of Greece and Rome. Sample Curriculum
The Classics Department awards a Special Studies Certificate in Latin or Greek advanced studies to full-time, degree-candidate students not majoring in classics. The requirements of the Advanced Studies Certificate Program are:
1. If Greek is chosen, two courses beyond second year Greek; if Latin, three courses beyond the intermediate level.
2. Two courses in a related field of language, literature, and culture to be determined in consultation with the chairperson and faculty of the Classics Department.
3. A minimum average of “C+” must be earned in the courses for the certificate. No course will be accepted in which a grade below “C” is assigned.
4. A comprehensive examination will be administered by the department. Latin MINOR Info
Teaching Certificate
Students who have met the requirements of Classics 103-4 and 205-6 and wish to prepare for state certification to teach Latin in secondary schools will also take Classics 321-22, Classics 258, History 312 and participate in Sophomore Early Field Experience, and Supervised Student Teaching in the second semester of the senior year.