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Department of Physics

3-2 Cooperative Engineering Program

Department Chairperson: David V. Guerra

Assistant Professor:    Jeffrey W. Schnick
Associate Professor:    David V. Guerra
Laboratory Instructor:  Mrs. Kathleen Shartzer

The Department of Physics and Cooperative Engineering Administers the 3-2 Cooperative Engineering Program. Students participating in the program attend Saint Anselm College for three years and then attend an affiliated institution for two years. Each affiliate, together with Saint Anselm College, has established Saint Anselm College course work and grade requirements for each of the various engineering disciplines involved in the program. A student meeting these requirements is eligible for automatic transfer to the affiliated institution. Upon successful completion of the first year at the cooperating institution, the student who has met all the Saint Anselm College degree requirements is eligible to obtain a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Saint Anselm College. Upon successful completion of the second year at the cooperating institution, the student is eligible for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from that college or university. Each student graduates with a strong liberal arts background and a firm grounding in the chosen engineering discipline.

The Saint Anselm College 3-2 Cooperative Engineering Program leads to a Saint Anselm College Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in one of the following engineering disciplines at the corresponding institution:

Students participating in the Cooperative Engineering Program must fulfill the college's core requirements and engineering requirements specific to the affiliate and the specific engineering degree. Courses offered by the department in support of the engineering requirements are:

Descriptions of these courses appear in the Catalogue Listings. For further information on the 3-2 Cooperative Engineering Program please contact the department chair, Dr. David Guerra, directly at:

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