Saint Anselm College

Psychology Department at EPA Baltimore - 2003

Eastern Psychological Association
2003 Annual Conference
Baltimore, MD
March 13-16, 2003

Poster presentations:

The Discriminative Stimulus Effects of Nicotine Modulation by Times-of –Day
Amy Didio & Joseph Troisi, Ph.D.

Virtual Reality Pilot Study:  Assessment of memory and Vigilance with a Virtual Radial Arm Maze
    Rebecca Adams ‘05, Kathleen A. Flannery, Ph.D, Paul Finn, Ph.D.

Competitive and non-competitive Dancers:  Differences in Competitiveness, personality and behaviors and attitudes towards dance.
    Alisha Analoro ‘03

Accuracy of Self-reported sleep onset:  Implications for clinicians
    Katie LaRoche ’04, Shannon Carter ’02, Paul Finn, Ph.D.

Cross tolerance between the ataxic effects of ethanol and nicotine in rats?
    Julie Albanese ’04, Rhiannon Hatton ’04, Joseph R. Troisi, II, Ph.D.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD):  Implications for Arson Investigators
    Paul Finn, Ph.D., Elizabeth P. Ossoff, Ph.D., Katie LaRoche ‘04

Romantic Relationships of Children of Divorce: Is Intimacy a Problem?
    Katie L. Galanes ‘03

Fairy Tales: Influences on Children’s Perceptions of Physical Attractiveness as Displayed through Social perceptions and Social Preferences
    Colette M. Salvas ‘03

Stereotype implications from September 11
    Abigal Ross ’03   (Psi Chi Award Winning Poster - $300)

People’s Perceptions of Male and Female Sports Broadcasters
    Brianne Mallaghan ’03 (Psi Chi Award Winning Poster - $300)

HIV-related Bereavement and Repeated Disclosure:  How do Topic and Listener Support affect Disclose Content?   
    Laurie C. Geck, Ph.D., Katherine A. Doyle ’03, Adam Volungis ’02, and
    Amy DiDio ‘03

Paper Session:  Terrorism and Political Issues

The effects of perceived physical and vocal attractiveness on impressions of politicians’ credibility
    Melissa Surawski ’02, Elizabeth P. Ossoff, Ph.D.

Paul Finn, Ph.D.  received preliminary recognition from Eastern Region of Psi Chi for receiving
    Psi Chi Faculty Advisor of the year – formal recognition will be at APA,  Toronto in August

Attending:            YOG
Rebecca Adams    05    Presenting
Julie Albanese    04    Presenting
Jenn Bubier        04
Jenn Carson        04
Jessica Davis    04
Tamara Davis    03
Amy DiDio        03    Presenting
Meghan Dwyer    05
Ryan Fielding    04
Amanda Fischer    05
Katie Galanes    03    Presenting
Meg Gelinas        03
Andrea Grenga    06
Katie Hall        04
Rhiannon Hatton    04    (Bio Major) Presenting
Lisa Johnson        03
MaryBeth Kilinski    03    Presenting
Amy Lantaigne    04
Brianne Mallaghan    03    Presenting
Hannah Moran    05
Megan Morris    03
Sara Petrowicz    03
Keith Preston    04
Jennifer Reddish    04
Bianca Reyes    05
Abby Ross        03    Presenting
Colette Salvas    03    Presenting
Christine Sansone    03    Presenting
Erin Sargent        05
Lauren Sparkes    04

Shannon Carter    02    Presenting
Adam Volungis    02    Presenting
Steve McDonough    02   
Rena Walles        02    Presenting
Melissa Surawski    02    Presenting
Kara Hickey             98
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