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            Parenting styles are groupings of behaviors that parents elicit to deal with their children. The construct of parenting styles was developed by Baumrind (1966). The three primary parenting styles are Permissive, Authoritarian, and Authoritative. In this study parenting styles were correlated with achievement motivation. The instruments used were the Parental Authority Questionnaire (PAQ) (Buri 1989), and the Life Activities Achievement Scale (LAAS) (Piedmont 1989; Piedmont 1992). The LAAS has five subscales that measure achievement motivation using the frequency approach of measurement. This makes the LAAS an easy tool to use that is highly correlated with the TAT meaning that the LAAS is a simpler projective test of achievement. 

            The findings of this study were not as fruitful as expected. The subscale Achievement Aspirations was correlated with parenting styles and the mother’s parenting style in a nuclear family was correlated with the Academic Achievement scale of the LAAS. This study contradicted the notion that grades were correlated with parenting styles (Dornbusch et al 1987; Paulson 1994). The notion of further research controlling for religion, and family structure was suggested, as well as the idea to compare grading averages across different schools, because of the homogeneity of grades, and family structure reported.