Saint Anselm College - Department of Psychology
Senior Thesis Homepages - 2005

Listed here are the sites of Saint Anselm College, 2005, 
Senior Psychology Majors' web pages of their theses.

Students email addresses will be active until the completion of the
2004-2005 academic year.   After that time you may reach a
by contacting our department secretary Barbara Bartlett at

Rebecca Adams
Jennifer Collins
Patrick Demers
Erin Hegarty
Hannah Moran
Erin Sargent
Nicole Alleca
Ruxandra Comanaru
Meghan Dwyer
David Hurley
Trent Munger
Alexis Scangas
Katherine Burke
Lindsay Cotterly
Kimberley Eldridge
Kristen Hurley
Karen Palys
April Senneville
James Carney
Justin Creaser
Amanda Fischer
Bostjan Kolaric
Jody Petrosino
Angela van Gerven
Janet Caron-Doell
Kristen Croteau
Catherine Flynn
Cristina Medrea
Elizabeth Quinn
Sara Simpson
Shannon Cavanaugh
Adela Cufe
Maura Hamel
Kristen Miglinas
Bianca Reyes
Deborah Spencer