Child Abuse Awarness Center

Stacey M. Dionne
Saint Anselm College
Psychology Department

A Study of Child Abuse and it’s Relationship to Socioeconomic Status, Parental Mental Illness, and Substance Abuse


Parents who live in low socioeconomic status (SES) are hypothesized to have a higher rate of substance abuse problems along with a higher rate of mental illness.  Statistical information on New Hampshire’s population and economic status was collected from a variety of data bases through organizations that work in these related fields.  This information was then cross referenced to data collected on the prevalence of child abuse in the mental health regions throughout the state.  Then tested for correlations between substance abuse, SES, mental illness and child abuse.  The results of this study showed a positive correlation between mental illness and child abuse, a negative correlations between SES, child abuse and mental illness.  Substance abuse statistics were not available for the state of New Hampshire, therefore no correlations were done in reference to this variable.




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