Kelly Ann Boyle
Saint Anselm College
SeniorThesis Homepage
An Evaluation of the Effects of Level of Disability
and Place of Employment On a Person's
Job Satisfaction:  A Pilot Study

KEY WORDS: Mental Retardation,  Supported Workshop,  and Sheltered Workshop

ABSTRACT:    This study was conducted to evaluate a disabled adult's job satisfaction and to see if  level of
disability and place of employment had an effect on it.  Twenty disabled adults (either mildly or moderatley disabled)  participated in this study.   Half of these adults worked in a sheltered workshop, while the other half worked in supported employment.   The participants were given a modified inventory to evaluate their satisfaction or dissatisfaction of their job.  The results indicated that there was no significant interaction between level of disability and place of employment. The results also indicated that the higher the person's level of disability and if they are working in a supported environment, rather than a sheltered, they will be the most satisfied with their job.



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