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Erica N. Savino

This website began as a thesis requirement, but became much more! Please feel free to e-mail me any feedback at esavino@anselm.edu

The Source: Where to Find What You're Looking For

The Science: My Senior Thesis: Musical Experience and Its Effects on Spatial Relations
The Sound:  Music that may or may not help build spatial intelligence, but is darn cool anyway
The Dave Matthews Band website - this site is updated often, so there's always something new. Their latest release, titled Listener Supported, is said to be doing well sales-wise.

Live-Although they're known for their 1994 hit "Lightning Crashes," there's much more to love about them than that.  Stop by their website and check out their latest album, The Distance to Here.  They will be playing at UNH soon ... I hear there are tickets left, if you still want them!

Guster- I recently found out why people have been loving Guster since their days at Tufts University.  They gave an incredible show at the Mix 98.5 Holiday Hoedown in December.  Watch for "congero" Brian Rosenworcel, who drums with his hands.  Ouch!