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Emergency Preparedness

Please refer to the specified publications for completed information about college policies.

Emergency Response Plan

Saint Anselm’s Emergency Response Plan is available to the on-campus community via the MyAnselm portal and in hard copy throughout campus. On-campus constituencies (faculty, staff, and students) should consult the plan for important details about emergency communication and procedures. For more information, contact Don Davidson, Director of Campus Safety and Security, at (603) 641-7287.

  • Please visit the MyAnselm portal to view the campus Emergency Response Plan
  • To view/download, click: Anselm Community > Campus Safety

Inclement Weather

On those days when the storm is occurring during the morning commute, a decision will be made no later than 6 a.m. The decision to close the college is made by the Vice President for Human Resources and Administration, in consultation with the Dean of the College and the Director of Campus Safety and Security.

Fire Safety

College IDs

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