This year's recipient of the AAUP Excellence in Faculty Achievement Award is recognized by colleagues and students alike as one of Saint Anselm College's finest teachers, one who encourages students to question assumptions and to come to their own thoughtful conclusions about ideas, their lives and the world. Since arriving at Saint Anselm College in the Fall of 1975, this kind and gentle professor has deeply and broadly engaged in the teaching vocation.

For this faculty member, teaching extends well beyond the walls of the classroom, not only to the Dana Humanities Center for lectures on Sartre, Socrates, Jefferson and Hobbes, but also to the museums, theaters, concert halls and jazz clubs of New York City.

An expert on existentialism and American philosophy, Dr. James Mahoney of the Philosophy Department has engaged Saint Anselm students in philosophical inquiry for over thirty years. But his contribution to the intellectual life of the community extends beyond disciplinary boundaries. As long-term organizer - and insistent recruiter for the Philosophy Colloquium, he has brought numerous faculty from other disciplines into the discussion of a wide variety of issues.

As one of the founders of the Humanities Program, a frequent lecturer in it, and most notably, creator of the highly regarded interdisciplinary course on Paris and New York in the 1930's, his contribution to the humanities education at Saint Anselm College is second to none. He has also been extensively involved in the New Hampshire Humanities Council.

As supporter and promoter of culture and the arts, he has organized museum excursions for students, presented a colloquium on Dewey and Picasso, participated in a panel discussion in the Chapel Arts Center on photographers Berenice Abbott and Eugene Atget, has served on the Dean's ad hoc committee on a music major, and has frequented the classrooms of colleagues to speak on the music of protest. Jim has been a tireless promoter of the arts and their centrality to a liberal arts education.

In addition to his academic work, Jim and his wife Marilyn have a well-deserved reputation for their gracious hospitality, often hosting students, colleagues and their families on their cross country ski trails and demonstrating the fine art of New Hampshire maple syrup production.

And in his spare time this loyal fan has been known to drive 20 hours - one-way - on more than one occasion to attend a football game at his alma mater, Notre Dame.

On behalf of the faculty of Saint Anselm College, I am pleased to present this award to scholar, colleague, and one of Saint Anselm's finest teachers, Dr. James Mahoney.