Our faith has to be defended by reason against the impious, not against those who admit rejoicing in the honor of being called Christians. Of these one can justly demand that they hold unshaken the pledge given in baptism; but the former must be shown by reason how irrationally they scorn us. A Christian should progress through faith to understanding, not reach faith through understanding, or, if he cannot understand, fall away from faith. Indeed, someone who can attain understanding should rejoice, but someone who cannot understand, should venerate what he is unable to comprehend.

— Anselm: The Joy of Faith by William H. Shannon (pg. 85) (from Anselm's Letters, Letter 136)

The O'Rourke Saint Anselm Collection of the Geisel Library consists of primary and secondary materials documenting the life and works of Saint Anselm, Abbot of Bec and Archbishop of Canterbury.

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