College Mailing Address

You are assigned a campus mailbox at the start of your career. Mail addressed to you should be formatted as follows:

100 SAINT ANSELM DRIVE #_ _ _ _ (four digit box number here)

Do not use the words "PO Box" as we are not a US Post Office and your mail may be returned if addressed that way.

Any mail or parcels addressed to you that do not have your proper address on them MAY be returned to the sender; carriers are very strict on this.

Non-first class mail such as publications or magazines that do not include your box number will be returned or recycled, so please take the time to make sure the address is correct.


You will be responsible for preparing your parcel for shipment. We do not provide padding inserts (peanuts or bubble wrap) so please make sure your item is packaged properly.

If a shipment arrives for you, a notice will be placed in your mailbox. In order to receive your package, present this notice at our service window and we will be happy to retrieve your package.

Due to facility limitations, we cannot hold packages for more than 30 days. Packages not picked up after 30 days will be returned to the sender as unclaimed. Shipments of furniture, automobile tires, alcohol, or groceries will not be accepted at this facility.

International Mail

International mail over 13 ounces falls under strict guidelines and requires a customs declaration form which can be picked up at the Campus Mail Center or downloaded online. We are happy to answer any questions regarding this form.


Access to your mailbox can only be done with the use of your mailbox key. Access of mail from inside the Campus Mail Center is prohibited. We are not a post office or a substation of a post office, but because we handle U.S. mail, we fall under certain USPS regulations.

Outgoing Mail

All carriers require the return address to be your college address. This is for security reasons and is required by all of our carriers. Please include your name and campus box number in the return address so so that if it is returned we know to whom it may belong.