Deep Connections. Inventive Solutions.

Communication, history, philosophy, no matter what you study you'll gain insight into how the world works--and how you could make it better.

You'll make connections between science and philosophy, literature and art. Your courses will challenge you to think in new ways and communicate clearly.

They're essential skills that lead to success in any career.

And they'll prepare you for whatever life has in store.


The Outcomes

Because you'll have a foundation in writing and critical thinking skills, you'll be prepared for any number of careers.

English majors working in marketing, history majors at Fox News, and Spanish majors teaching middle school.

Read about some of our alumni working and attending graduate school on Spotlight on Alumni on each of the Academic departments.

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  • Internships

    Real Job Experience, aka Internships

    Your courses give you knowledge and innovative thinking. Your liberal arts education gives you a solid foundation. An internship gives you a competitive edge.

    We don't require internships but we recommend them. They help you explore an industry, build your network, and see how an office runs.

    Our students intern locally and abroad. You can even apply for one of our internship scholarships to get paid while working. Our Internship Office helps students find opportunities.

    To learn more, visit the Career Development Center.

    Recent Internship Sites (to name a few):  
    Boston Beer Company Fox News
    Boston Bruins Griffin York & Krause
    Boston Celtics The Institute for American Indian Studies
    Burke Advertising Manchester Historic Association
    Christie's Art Auction The Manchester Monarchs
    Currier Museum of Art Upton and Hatfield Law Firm
    EVR Advertising WMUR-TV
    "I really got to see the things I was learning in class put into the real world and use all these theories and skills that I had been studying in a real-world setting. It showed how useful my major and my studies have proven to be."
    ~ Meghan Gill '14, communication
  • Student Opportunities

    Travel the World

    Interested in studying art history in Florence or maybe languages in Spain? You can go abroad for a semester or just a week-long tour.

    Students recently traveled to Morocco, South Africa, and Spain to name a few locations. Read about their travels.

    Looking for a unique study abroad experience? Spend a spring semester living, learning, and traveling with fellow Saint Anselm students and faculty on our (other) Hilltop - in Orvieto, Italy through our Semester in Orvieto Program. You and your fellow students will live in apartments located in the historic district of Orvieto, enroll in four courses (all taught in English), and participate in excursions where you'll experience the cultural energy and history of Italy.

    Previous week-long trips include a history focused trip to Vietnam, an international business course traveled to Panama, sociology course traveled to Peru, and business-related trips to China. And during a recent spring break, 12 students traveled to the Netherlands to explore Dutch culture and engage in philosophical discussion.

    "Traveling to the Netherlands with my professors and engaging in thoughtufl discussions with Dutch students gave me a different perspective on the current state of American politics and our country's future."
    ~ Ashling Stanek '17, politics and philosophy

    On Campus Opportunities

    Want to develop some leadership skills. Start a fundraiser, lead a program, or run for student government president.

    We have more than 60 clubs and organizations but here are a few you might be interested in:

    Clubs & Organizations    
    Abbey Players Crier Newspaper Mock Trial Team
    Alphi Phi Omega Debate Team Quatrain Literary Publication
    Art Society French Club Student Government Association
    Chamber  Music Ensemble History Society Shakespeare Society
    Classics Society Jazz Band Theology Society

    See even more student life on Twitter @AnselmianFun and @SaintAnselm

    Volunteering and Service-Learning

    Last year, Anselmians volunteered more than 50,926 hours (!).

    Some professors include volunteering as part of the course, aka service-learning. Students can volunteer at more than 40 sites doing everything from tutoring kids to fundraising to advocating for change.

    Service learning experiences enhance resumes and graduate school applications-demonstrating practical experience in the field and an ethical concern for the community. But it also helps others. You'll make connections and learn more about yourself. Check out our volunteering center's blog to read about opportunities.

    Or you can get involved through Campus Ministry. Follow @STA_CampusMin or check out #SACSBA to see our latest coverage of service trips during spring break.

    Arts and Theatre

    You'll do more than study art: You'll create. You'll debate it.

    You'll find it expressed in nearly every possible manner as you explore music, drama, and the visual arts at our gallery, The Chapel Art Center and theatre, Dana Center for the Humanities.

    At the Chapel Art Center, you'll  enjoy one of the many exhibitions or get involved by working or interning there.

    The Dana Center is where traveling artists perform and students share their own talents on stage with the student theatre group, the Abbey Players. It's where art comes to life every day.