Social Work Field Practicum Experience

All Social Work majors participate in a 2-semesters field practicum sequence (SO 450 and SO 451) during their senior year. This is an opportunity for students to truly experience what it is like to be a social worker in the real world.

Building on their liberal arts and social work education at Saint Anselm College, social work majors spend a total of 360 hours (120 hours in fall and 240 in spring) in their field practicum agency over the two semester practicum course sequence. This hands-on, in-depth experiential learning allows students to apply what they have learned and prepare for their next steps after graduation as they move on to jobs or graduate school. Faculty lead seminar discussions with their fellow social work majors provide students with an opportunity to learn and share from each other about the diverse practicum agencies where they are placed.

Sociology Internship Program

  • Internships

    The primary objective of the Sociology Internship Program (SO 454 and SO 455) is to provide Junior and Senior sociology majors and non-majors with a supervised, professional and academic experience that will complement their liberal arts training at Saint Anselm College. This internship experience provides students with the opportunity to develop and apply their academic sociological knowledge and skills to their internship setting.

    Beginning in the Spring Semester of their Junior year, selected Junior Sociology majors and non-majors have the opportunity to select a one-course (124 hours) internship for non-sociology elective credit. Junior and Senior Sociology Majors and non-majors can also choose to select a two-course internship for non-sociology elective credit. The two-course internship requires the completion of 224 hours or approximately 16 hours a week for a given semester. The one-course internship requires the completion of 112 hours or approximately 8 hours a week for a given semester.

  • Social Work Practicum and Sociology Internship Sites

    Sociology and Social Work Student intern at a variety of sites all over the state, working with children and youth, adults and older adults. You can find Saint Anselm Students in schools, government organizations, non-profits, nursing homes, group homes, and others. The following is a sample of some of the prior practicum and internship sites:

    • Alliance for the Progress of Hispanic Americans (ALPHA), administrative and social services Catholic Medical Center, administrative and social services positions
    • Child and Family Services, Assistant in transitional living program
    • Child Health Services, pediatric heath care clinic
    • Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center, Service and administrative assistant, residence aide
    • Da Vinci Television Productions, special projects and research
    • Family Connection, Family Services Worker
    • Family Strength, In-home family counseling and other behavioral health services
    • Fidelity Investments Inc., human resources
    • Highland - Goffes Falls Elementary School; English-as-a-Second Language class
    • Hillcrest Terrace Retirement Community, Activities Department
    • Hillsboro County Department of Corrections, law library and other departments
    • Kennedy Associates, lobbyist
    • Manchester Public Health Department, administrative/research and special projects
    • Manchester School Department, administrative and social services positions
    • Manpower of New Hampshire, Temporary employment agency...special project
    • N.H. Department of Children, Youth and Families: Protective services worker
    • N.H. Division of Child and Youth Services, administrative and social services positions
    • N.H. State Senate Research Office
    • N.H. State Senate, Assistant to State Senator
    • Nashua Youth Association, group home abused & neglected children
    • New Hampshire Youth Development Center, secure facility for delinquents
    • Parkside Junior High School; Guidance Department
    • Porter- McGee Public Relations, Public Relations Assistant
    • South Side Junior High School, Guidance Department
    • United Way of Greater Manchester
    • Up-Reach Therapeutic Riding Center, Administrative Assistant
    • Webster House, group home abused & neglected children

    •    WMUR-TV, Channel 9, newsroom