Our Office of International Programs provides students with many opportunities to pursue their studies abroad whether through a semester, year-long program or short-term programs. Check our webpages frequently for updates!

Semester and Year-Long Programs

Traditional semester or year-long programs take students around the world from Chile to Morocco to Thailand. We have more than 50 programs in six continents. Check out our approved program list to learn more about a specific program.

If you're not sure about where or, even, what kind of program you're interested in (homestay or campus-life, city or country), we can help. See our handy tips below for guidance on selecting a program.

Short-Term Programs

Interested in studying abroad but not sure a semester or year-long program is for you? Short-term programs are offered outside of the academic semester in either January (often called a "J" term), or in the summer after graduation. Some options last a month, others just a week. Several programs offer experiences traveling with fellow Anselmians led by a college faculty member.

Faculty lead short-term study abroad programs over winter break, spring break and during the summer. For additional information about these programs please visit the Global Seminar Page.

Best to Plan Ahead with an Academic Advisor

We recommend that students begin academic planning for semester or year-long study abroad as soon as they arrive on campus but no later than sophomore year.

Students interested in semester study abroad should notify their academic advisor to ensure they register for appropriate courses while abroad to ensure on-time graduation. The student should meet with the Director of International Programs for additional information about study abroad and to receive the Study Abroad Information Packet.

We recommend planning for a short-term program abroad two semesters prior to planned participation but no less than one semester.

The Details

  • Program Selection

    Know you want to study abroad but not quite sure where or what kind of program? The destinations to choose from are as wide-ranging as the reasons.

    Saint Anselm students have studied around the world in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. We've created an Approved Programs List to guide you in your decision-making.

    Things to Think About When Choosing a Study Abroad Program

    Reflect on your reasons for studying abroad

    • What you're looking for in a location?
    • What you are hoping to gain from the experience (e.g. language acquisition, resume building, cultural experience, personal development, etc.)?
    • When do you want to travel? Consider the dates of the semester and the length of the program—for example, semester programs in the southern hemisphere usually run from early February to late June and from mid-July to late November.

    Learn about your Country/Countries of Interest

    Do you know anything about the people, government, cities, culture, religion? Knowing a little more about locations will help you to make an educated decision about your study abroad destination.

    Reflect on the Type of University Setting You Want

    • What size institution do you want to study at?
    • Housing—do you want to live in an apartment, a residence hall or a homestay?
    • Is having a meal plan important to you?

    Look Over Study Abroad Programs That Are of Interest to You

    Call the study abroad provider and speak with their program managers. These are the people that you will turn to regarding all of your site-specific questions. Ask them questions about the overseas location so that you can learn more about your options and decide which one will fit your interests best.   

    Learn About What Types of Courses Are Offered

    • Do your homework! Finding the right study abroad destination and school requires some research.
    • Look at the programs that are of interest to you and what courses each program offers. Please Note: This step can be difficult to fully grasp, so call the international programs office if you require assistance.
    • Visit the study abroad provider's website to get the most up-to-date information on course offerings.
    • Call the provider's program manager if you are having difficulty accessing current course offerings.

    Explore Program Options

    • Before deciding on a program, consider your academic goals, skills, and personal interests.
    • Visit the Office of International Programs for full program information.

    If, after reviewing the college's Approved Programs List and by visiting our Study Abroad portal viaTRM, you cannot find a program, there are two options:

    1. Review them again because the other option below involves significantly more individual work and responsibility.

    2. Petition to the Study Abroad Office to have a non-approved program granted a One-time Approval (PDF/265K). To learn about the One-time Approval Policy please review the Policy Document (PDF/213K).

  • Requirements

    For semester or year-long study abroad programs, you must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and not have any existing or pending judicial sanctions. Some programs require a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or 3.0.

    If you're interested in our Semester in Orvieto Program, you must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0/4.0.

    Students participating in a summer or winter program abroad must meet the minimum GPA requirements of the program they are applying to. Most programs have a minimum cumulative GPA requirement of 2.5 however some programs have a GPA requirement of 2.0. 

    When Can Students Study Abroad?

    Sophomores, juniors, and seniors: Most Saint Anselm College students study abroad during the fall or spring semester during their junior year. Due to recent curriculum changes, sophomores can now study abroad during their spring semester and sometimes even during the fall semester of their sophomore year. 

    Students are permitted to study abroad on short-term programs at any time during their tenure at Saint Anselm College beginning in their first year.

    Application Requirements

    Students are required to apply online through St A's Study Abroad portal, viaTRMto start the process.  This is the initial step, followed by the provider application process. Students work closely with the International Programs director throughout the application and enrollment process. Enrollment forms include the following:

    • Program Acceptance Letter
    • Course Approval Form with course descriptions and department chair signatures
    • Passport Copy
    • Waiver of Liability & Release
    • Communication Authorization Form
    • Medical Self Report


    After you are notified by the Office of International Programs that you have been "Approved" to study abroad, you will then need to apply to your program and follow the application instructions for the specific program provider or host institution. All of this is done through viaTRM

    Students are responsible for the application fee required by the provider organization or host institution. Please note that acceptance into the Saint Anselm College Study Abroad Program is not a guarantee that you will be accepted by the study abroad provider or host institution.

    Simply clicking the "Apply" button from the SAC application website does not complete the application process. It is your responsibility to make sure you have filled out all required and relevant application and enrollment materials necessary for the program you wish to attend.

    Application Deadlines

    • Fall Semester: March 15
    • Spring Semester: October 15
  • Financing Semester and Year-Long Study Abroad

    Home School Tuition Policy & Portability of Saint Anselm College Financial Aid

    In order to give all students, not only those who can afford it, access to study abroad, Saint Anselm College has a home school tuition model. This tuition and financial aid model makes study abroad more accessible for all students, regardless of financial means, just as it does for all on-campus programming. 

    The model reflects the college's commitment to "expand opportunities for study abroad in ways that offer growth in global awareness, public service, intercultural competence, and intellectual enrichment," as outlined in the current Strategic Plan - Vision 2015: Looking Within - Reaching Beyond.

    Semester-Long Study Abroad Policies

    Students of all majors are encouraged to include study abroad experience in their curriculum. The following are the college's policies governing semester-long study abroad:

    • The study abroad program site must be approved by the Office of International Programs.
    • Students must maintain a full-time status by registering as a study abroad student through Saint Anselm College for the semester abroad.
    • Students studying abroad are required to receive prior approval from their department chair and the associate registrar for all courses listed on their Course Approval Form.
    • Students who have not completed all Saint Anselm College application and enrollment procedures prior to studying abroad are not considered to be studying abroad through the Office of International Programs. As such, academic credit cannot be transferred to Saint Anselm College for studying abroad during the academic year.
    • Saint Anselm College students who participate for a semester/year abroad will pay full-time Saint Anselm College tuition plus the $800 Study Abroad Fee. Students will pay the program provider or host institution for the room and board (if applicable) fees.
    • Saint Anselm students wishing to receive institutional financial aid must complete the full financial aid application by March 15th, one month earlier than the regular financial aid deadline. Eligibility for merit and need-based aid will be assessed using the off-campus aiding policy detailed in the consumer information. Thus, institutional aid will be proportional to a student's residential aid for the semester the student studies abroad.

    The following is a list of resources intended for use only at Saint Anselm and is not portable for study abroad:

    • aid for international students
    • resident assistant grants; athletic aid
    • debate and year-book scholarships
    • any full-tuition remission scholarships from any of the tuition remission programs.
      However, tuition remission recipients may apply for need-based aid for study abroad by submitting all required documents on time.
      • If you receive financial aid, you should make an appointment with Patricia Brunton in the Office of Financial Aid to discuss your plans to study abroad and the impact of that on your financial aid package.

    To utilize your financial aid while abroad you will need to complete the Consortium Agreement for Financial Aid (PDF/216KB). Take this form with you when you meet with Patricia Brunton. She will assist you in completing page two of the form.

    Study Abroad Scholarships

    The college does not offer scholarships specific to study abroad, however many of the study abroad partners do. Scholarships are also available through several outside funding sources.

    Scholarships for study abroad vary from as little as $300 to as much as $10,000. All students who apply for study abroad are given information about scholarships and all are strongly encouraged to apply.

    For more information about study abroad scholarships, please visit the Scholarship Resource Page.

    Since short-term programs fall outside of the traditional academic year, Saint Anselm College institutional aid or subsidized loans are not available; however, private loans may be used, if you qualify. To learn more about your funding options, make an appointment with Patricia Brunton in the Office of Financial Aid to discuss your plans to study abroad and the impact of that on your financial aid package.