A strong graphic identity program projects a consistent visual image of the college that supports this well earned reputation and communicates stability and quality. The Graphic Identity Program connects the many different departments, programs, and elements that comprise Saint Anselm College by creating and maintaining visual consistency in publications, Web sites, correspondence, and signage.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is graphic identity?

    Graphic identity is any visual or graphic image, such as a logo, that serves as a simple signature or identifier for an organization. It is a readily identifiable symbol that visually represents the organization to the numerous audiences it serves.

  • What is a graphic identity program?

    In its most basic form, a graphic identity program is a set of rules for use of an organization's logo or other visual identifiers.

  • Why do we need a graphic identity program?

    Each year, the college produces hundreds of publications, advertisements, electronic presentations, and other print or visual items. Each of these items is an "ambassador" of the college. It is important that each one appears to be part of the same family by sharing certain graphic elements in common. In addition to its image-enhancing value, a carefully managed graphic identity program actually saves time and money. By applying these simple guidelines, stylistic decisions may be made quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

  • What materials should adhere to the graphic identity program?

    All publications or communications distributed off campus or to a reading public larger than an individual class or student group must adhere to the graphic identity program. A few commonly produced campus publications are Web pages, newsletters, postcards, catalogs, bulletins, brochures, booklets, invitations, announcements, flyers, programs, advertising, letterhead and posters. Publications produced with private funds or to support students' organizations are also subject to these guidelines if the college's name is used in any way to support or promote the organization or activity.

  • How do I obtain graphic identity art?

    Use only electronic files or hard copy, reproduction-quality graphic art provided by the Office of College Communications and Marketing. Samples of usable logos may be found online. The logos may not be redesigned. Do not change the relationship, size, perspective, shape, or configuration in any way. Contact College Communications and Marketing for usable copies of our logos at 641-7240 or download logos from the college website.

  • Additional questions?

    For assistance in planning a publication, or if you have questions about logo usage, call the director of creative services at 641-7454.