Guidelines & Web Standards

These standards apply to content placed on the college website accessible by the public. Web content publishers must also abide by the college's Web publishing policies.

If you need assistance developing your web presence or anything web-related, please contact  Annee Giard at to initiate the process. We will help to determine the needs of your project and distribute project information to the appropriate CCM staff members where needed. 

Online Style Guide
To achieve consistency across Saint Anselm's Web sites and electronic publications, the Office of College Communications and Marketing has published an Online Style Guide. The style guide establishes the college's preferences in punctuation, style, and usage of many commonly used words and phrases. Additional sections focus on editorial preferences and troublesome areas for writers.

General Web Style Guidelines
Visual consistency throughout the site is important to visitor of our website, so it's important to follow these guidelines as closely as possible. The guidelines include Writing for the Web, Text and Graphics, and Style Conventions.

On-page Blocks
The college website offers a variety of blocks in which to display web content, including images and video. Many of the blocks can be added to most page types (web templates) directly by users of our Content Management System (CMS); however, some global blocks will need to be created by CCM as they can appear on pages across the website.

Contact Information
Out of courtesy for Web visitors and to keep contact information accurate and up-to-date, each department landing page includes a contact block, and the faculty and staff profiles are updated regularly. We use the accordion feature to consistently display employee content on the profile pages.

Drupal CMS Training
CMS training is offered periodically throughout the academic year. If you are interested in having a CMS account and attending a training session, you can check the current training schedule for dates and times and register online.

Event Requests

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