The Web publishing staff is located in the Office of College Communications and Marketing (CCM) suite on the second floor of Alumni Hall.

If you need assistance developing your Web pages, please contact Dyan Ciccone, Associate Director of Web Communications at 656-6184 or Our office is available to assist departments in their efforts to create official college Web pages, and we offer CMS training to help your content author(s) update and maintain them. The college follows a centralized publishing model, managed by the CCM Department. Central publishing is managed through the Content Management System (CMS), which allows the college to have multiple independent contributors and a workflow process to help manage the content for consideration of featuring, promoting, consistency of messaging and brand, a sustained user experience, and ensuring that pages are reviewed for currency, accuracy, propriety, and accessibility.

Services We Offer

Web Site Development and Planning

  • Whether you are creating a new site or revamping an existing site, we will work with you to help identify your Web needs, as well as set goals and objectives for your Web site. As part of this process, we will help you develop your site's navigational structure and we are available to assist with content development and editing services.

Content Management System Training

  • Most new sites are created in the college's content management system (CMS). The CMS offers Web content publishers an intuitive user interface that once trained, is as easy to use as Microsoft Word. The CMS allows you to concentrate on content and not worry about design. We've done that for you by creating several Web site templates within the CMS.
  • If you have an existing site, we will carry over all content into the CMS. After you attend CMS training, you will be knowledgeable enough to maintain your own Web site.

Web Site Management and Maintenance

  • CCM updates and maintains some higher-level pages throughout the Saint Anselm Web site. Contact us if you have updates and are unable to access any page(s).
  • Departments are kindly asked to identify content authors who can update and maintain your Web pages.

Learn More

  • Web Templates

    The Saint Anselm College Web site (launched in June 2010; updated in September 2012, and most recently in September 2017) features an official template and color palette. The template is used with the college's Drupal Content Management System (CMS) and should not be copied and/or used for applications outside of the CMS unless approved in advance by the Office of College Communications and Marketing. 

    The college Web template may not be altered in any way. This includes the code, the layout, the graphics, the colors, everything.  

    Web content publishers should consider developing their Web sites using the college's CMS. The CMS offers faculty and staff an intuitive user interface similar to Microsoft Word as well as automated workflows and other useful features. For more information, contact Dyan Ciccone, Associate Director of Web Communications at 656-6184 or