The Office of Procurement's mission is to directly support the college's educational, environmental and administrative needs, by assisting faculty and staff in obtaining high quality products and services at the lowest cost possible and in a timely manner. The college encourages competition among suppliers in providing goods and services to the college, thereby assuring that the mix of quality, service, and price best matches the stated needs of Saint Anselm College's programs and activities.

The Office of Procurement has responsibility for maintaining the vendor database, issuance and maintenance of College credit cards and fuel cards, reviewing and approving contracts/agreements for goods and services, and overseeing the RFP process/bidding process. Any goods and/or services purchased with college funds or college-managed funds (i.e. Sponsored Research Accounts) are bound by the College's procurement policies and procedures. Saint Anselm College is obligated by federal regulations to maintain a formal procurement system. Its purchasing files are subject to audit by federal agencies and must include proper documentation (i.e. purchase orders, contract negotiations, bid awards, sole source justifications, etc.).

Bid/Quote Opportunities

Following is a list of bidding and pricing opportunities for various goods and services.

For further information please contact the Director of Procurement Services.

The Office of Procurement is located within the Finance office, Alumni Hall, 2nd floor.

Preferred Vendors

This list will change regularly as vendors are added or removed.

Purchasing Consortiums and Cooperatives

This list will change as modifications require.

As a non-profit entity, the College is entitled to contract pricing awarded through State of NH bids.  In addition, we are able to obtain discounted pricing from many suppliers through our membership in several higher education and government purchasing consortiums and cooperatives, including:


Order Originators should advise vendors of these affiliations when requesting pricing in order to obtain allowed discounts.