Faculty development has as its goal continued renewal and growth of the faculty in all facets of their professional lives.

Faculty fulfill a variety of roles: as teachers whose commitment is to provide their students with expert instruction and guidance; as participants in the collegial community of a Catholic liberal arts college; and as members of the community of scholars within their disciplines.

It is the purpose of the Faculty Development Program to provide resources, which will help faculty to develop as scholars, to publish, to share insights both within the community and at professional conferences, and to improve their work in the classroom.

Faculty Development Program Objectives

  • maintain and enhance faculty effectiveness
  • help faculty fulfill academic responsibilities
  • ensure satisfactory adjustments to changing environments in instruction and within disciplines

The effects of the program will be seen, ultimately, in the quality of the instruction students receive and in the quality of scholarly activity and collegial involvement on campus.

  • Dean's Fund

    The Dean's Fund provides discretionary funding to assist faculty with work toward a doctorate or travel to conferences for the presentation of scholarship, and other research needs. Funds are disbursed upon approval of the Associate Dean of the College.

    Available Funds
    Varies annually.

    Apply To
    The Associate Dean of the College, describing in detail the activities for which the dean's fund support is being sought, including a list of anticipated expenses.

    Apply By
    Assistance to doctoral candidates, October 1; all others apply as needed.

    Formal Report

  • John A. Lynch Faculty/Student Project Fund

    The John A. Lynch Faculty/Student Project Fund was created to honor John Lynch for his dedication to excellence in teaching. This fund was established by Professor Lynch's colleagues and former students on the occasion of his retirement in the spring of 1991 from 44 years of service to Saint Anselm College.

    Earnings from this fund will be used to support co-curricular faculty/student projects that bring faculty into mentoring relationships with students. Examples of such projects would include course-related trips, regional professional conferences, and modest research projects.

    Available Funds
    Awards will not exceed $150.

    Apply By
    Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis, until the current year's fund is exhausted.

    Apply To
    Associate Dean of the College.

  • Sabbaticals

    Sabbaticals offer leave time intended to provide academic faculty opportunities to enrich their personal and professional resources through such activities as study, research or other suitable undertaking which enhances their contribution to the College as a teacher and scholar.

    Sabbaticals are funded at full salary for half a year, and half salary for a full year. Refer to the Faculty Handbook, Appendix VII.

    Available Funds
    Varies, depending upon salary and other considerations.

    Apply To
    Dean of the college.

    Apply By
    October 1 (for leave beginning in the following academic year).

    Formal Report
    Submitted to the Dean of the College before the beginning of the semester following the sabbatical.

    For more information contact Mary Rioux.

    Sabbatical Forms (complete and submit)

  • Summer Research Grants

    The college offers faculty summer research grants which enable pursuit of  research and writing projects.

    Nature of the Grant
    Each grant will carry a basic stipend equal to the stipend offered in summer school for teaching two courses.

    Each grant will have a supplementary grant of up to $500 available for materials required to support the research and to be used in "soft" money if possible, i.e., faculty assistant, typing, copying on campus, inter-library loans, computer use, etc., and by exception, for travel if approved by the Faculty Development Committee.

    The tenure period of each grant is eight weeks in any one summer.

    The award is dispersed in four monthly payments beginning in mid-May.

    Purpose of the Grant
    The purpose of the grant is to enable faculty members to pursue research/writing projects, other than work toward a degree, by providing financial support equivalent to what the faculty member could have earned teaching in summer school.

    Any full-time member of the Saint Anselm faculty is eligible to apply for this grant, but no faculty member can hold such a grant more than once every four years. During the grant period the grant holder cannot be otherwise employed or hold other salary supplement grants. Grant-holders in violation of this regulation will automatically forfeit the award and return portions of the grant already disbursed.  Appliants may hold other non Saint Anselm affiliated grants for research related expenses or "soft" money as described above.

    Review Committee
    Decisions on faculty applications for Summer Research grants will be made by the Faculty Development Committee. Each award winner must notify the committee in writing of his or her acceptance of the grant by December 15.

    Faculty members wishing to secure a summer research grant will submit an application by November 1 prior to the summer for which the grant is being sought. Applications may be submitted electronically to Mary Rioux in the Dean's Office. The following guidelines should be followed:

    1. Summary
      Please provide a 50 word summary of the proposed project.
    2. Background
      Please provide any information which you think necessary for the committee to evaluate the project (e.g., history of the project, vocabulary terms, fundamental concepts, need for access to research materials, etc.)
    3. Project
      Please discuss the proposed project in terms of the following (you may use up to one page per item):
      1. What are the objectives of the project?
      2. What methods will you employ to reach these objectives?
      3. How will you evaluate the success of your project?
      4. Importance of project: How does this project relate to the advancement of your discipline and/or teaching?
      5. Curriculum Vitae: Please include a current curriculum vitae with your application.
      6. Budget: A budget must be submitted and should include a description and amount of other grants applied for or awarded.
    4. Final Report
      A summary of the research must be presented formally to the recipient's department, or in some other college forum. In addition, the recipient must submit a report to the Dean's Office by October 1 of the grant year that includes a summary of the research and a description of the forum used to share the research with the college community.
  • Studies in Catholic Social Teaching

    A portion of the Faculty Development Endowment is reserved for the support of programs devoted primarily to Catholic social teaching. The goal of this fund is to assist departments and faculty members to become knowledgeable about Catholic social teaching and other Catholic teaching, and to integrate this tradition into the curriculum of the departments.

    The fund will support academic departments in developing summer seminars conducted by noted scholars in Catholic social teaching and related fields. It may also be used by individuals of interdisciplinary groups to support other activities designed to enrich the curriculum by developing an understanding of this tradition.

    This endowment is intended to support a broad range of academic disciplines, including such subjects as: the intersection of Catholic theological tradition and the sciences or literature; Catholic social thought and its relation to economics and business; just war theory and international policy; and the theology of the human person and human rights policies.

    Proposals should not exceed three pages in length and should include the following.

    • detailed description of the activity and/or subject of study
    • clear connection to curricular development
    • detailed budget and calendar
    • plan for disseminating and/or applying the results of the study on campus.

    Available Funds
    Varies yearly.

    Apply To
    Associate Dean of the College.

    Apply By
    As soon as proposal is prepared, but no later than March 21.

    Formal Report
    A summary of the outcome of the work to the Dean's Office one month after funded project is completed.