This page provides faculty and staff with information on student employees. If you have available positions, the Office of Human Resources (HR) will post the opening. Submit the job opening to HR for approval and it will be posted online.

When you fill the position there are steps you must take before your student(s) can begin working. See the Hiring Process page for step-by-step instructions. Also if the student is receiving Federal Work Study (FWS), he or she must present you with his or her work study authorization email. For ALL student employees yellow card verification is required.

Student and Federal Work Study are paid on a bi-weekly basis.

Federal Work Study (FWS)

  • Federal Work Study is money awarded to students in their financial aid package.
  • Earnings are limited to the amount awarded to them by financial aid.
  • International students do not qualify for FWS.
  • Earnings are paid to students via paycheck and do not reduce tuition.
  • For questions related to remaining award amounts to be earned, contact financial aid at (603) 641-7110 or at

The college's student employment program includes Federal Work Study (FWS) and Student Payroll (STU).

Optional Student Job Application to assist with collecting pertinent information.

  • Submit Job Openings

    HR will help you market your open positions, which can be found online.

    Submitting a student employment job opening to Human Resources is as easy. Simply follow the instructions below. If you have any questions, please contact the HR office at (603) 641-7381.

    Submit your student job openings through email

    Jobs can be e-mailed to and will be posted on the Job Opening page on the current student's student employment Web site and on the bulletin boards near Human Resources and Financial Aid offices.

    Please include the following information with your e-mail job submission:

    • Department name
    • Student job title
    • Department contact
    • Preferred contact method and information
    • Location
    • Anticipated total number of hours of student employment per week
    • Anticipated number of positions available, including type of position: federal work student or student payroll
  • Hiring Process

    When a student job position has been filled there are steps you must take before the student can begin working.

    1. You must give your student worker(s) a "Student Employment Offer Letter" (triplicate form; can be obtained from HR). You must fill out this letter, not the student. Keep pink for your records, give yellow to the student, and deliver the white copy to The Office of Human Resources (HR). If the student has a yellow card, you may inter-office the white copy to HR. If the student DOES NOT have a yellow card (because he/she is a freshman or has never worked on campus before) then the student must first complete their New Hire checklist on Paycom, then come to HR with the Student Employment Offer Letter and original IDs. Then student will be given a Yellow Card.
    2. HR gives students a yellow card when they have completed the necessary paperwork and are considered eligible to work. If the student does not have a yellow card or has lost it, please send them to HR for a new one. Students cannot begin to work until all their paperwork has been completed.
    3. If you hire for FWS positions, verify student FWS eligibility by asking to see the student Federal Work Study authorization email. Students receive this authorization email from HR in August confirming how much money they are eligible to earn. If the student doesn't have the letter, send them to HR (third floor, Alumni Hall) so that their award can be confirmed and an email can be sent. If the student is concerned about the amount of money they can earn, they can contact Financial Aid at (603) 641-7110 or

    If you have any questions call HR at (603) 641-7381.

  • Payment Information

    Each department is allocated funds for FWS and/or student payroll. Budget and Planning provides each department with budget allocations in August. Given finite resources, FWS is given priority over student payroll. If you have questions about department budget allocations call budget and planning at (603) 641-7199.

    Time worked is entered by clocking in and out on Paycom online or in the Paycom app on a mobile device. Human Resources will set up each student with a Paycom account. Some departments like Dining or Physical Plant utilize a hard clock.

    Students are paid bi-weekly. Direct deposit is highly encouraged and can be elected in Paycom. Otherwise, paychecks may be picked up in the Cashier's Office located on the 2nd floor of Alumni Hall. Their hours are Monday-Friday 9am-4pm.

    Wage Rates

    Federal Work Study and Student Payroll Wage Rates

    Year Rate
    Freshman and Sophomore $7.50/hr
    Junior and Senior $8.50/hr
    Grant funded student employees, Phonathon/Annual Giving managers, NHIOP polling students, snow removal, and Dining services employees $10.00/hr

    An additional $1.00/hr can be paid for the following positions, not to exceed $10.00/hr :

    • Physical Plant student employees
    • Ice Arena student employees
    • Peer Tutor/Mentor
    • Writing Assistants
    • Hawknet student employees
    • NHIOP Videolink student employees
    • Admission summer tour guides
    • Meelia Center coordinators and managers
    • Phonathon/Annual Giving student employees