Curious about what life at Saint Anselm College really looks like?

Experience a day in the life of a Saint A's student through an Anselmian Preview Day.  Eat lunch, attend a class and take a personalized tour of campus with a student. Whether it’s your first visit to campus or you’ve visited before, an Anselmian Preview Day is a great way to experience campus life on the Hilltop.

Visit Information

Students will attend a class with a current Anselmian on the day of their visit. Breakfast or lunch on campus will also be provided for the student, dependent upon the class time. There is also an option to take customized tour of campus.  Please expect to spend about half the day on the Hilltop.

We have a variety of courses and professors who have opened their doors to visitors, but due to course schedules, we cannot guarantee students will be able to attend a class in their major. We will try to match you with a class that interests you.

When registering for an Anselmian Preview Day, you will be choosing the date on which you prefer to visit. Arrival time and class time will be confirmed in follow-up email communication. Please check your email periodically for visit updates.

Note for Guests Accompanying the Student

Although we do ask that students attend their Anselmian Preview Day activities alone, there are many ways for guests to enjoy their time, both on or off campus. Information about these options will be sent to guests via email prior to the day of the visit.

Register for an Anselmian Preview Day »

Registrations must be made at least two weeks in advance of your desired visit time.

If you have questions about Anselmian Preview Days, please contact Rowan Joyce, Admission Counselor.