The Enrollment Portal is your gateway to becoming Officially Anselmian. It consists of electronic and PDF forms that will need to be completed in order to start classes in the fall. Here, you'll learn how to access and navigate the portal.

Activate Your Saint Anselm Email to Log in

An email has been sent to your personal email address with an individualized link providing your Saint Anselm email address and password. The subject line of the email is Enrollment Portal Information. You’ll be asked to create a permanent password the first time you log in. Once completed, you’ll be able to access your enrollment portal and will subsequently log in with your Saint Anselm email address and your updated password.

Log in to the Enrollment Portal

Navigating the Enrollment Portal. Students looking at computer together.

Navigating the Enrollment Portal


There are three different types of checklists on the Enrollment Portal:

  1. Required Enrollment Checklist: Must be submitted in order to complete your enrollment. 
  2. Academic Assessments Checklist: Strongly recommended. They are helpful for determining placement levels for your language and math courses.
  3. Recommended Programs Checklist: Optional and encouraged. Saint Anselm College offers programs through the summer and during the academic year that can be helpful for first-year students.

Each checklist item includes a due date, by which you will need to have it completed.


    On the right side of the portal, you will find forms categorized by department. The form may be a necessary checklist item or may simply be helpful information. It is recommended you open each form as you go through the enrollment portal.

    Students laying around college seal.New Student Orientation - Anselmian Beginnings Pt. I

    Now available on the Enrollment Portal

    All incoming students will need to complete Anselmian Beginnings Pt. I. This online program will introduce you to the academic culture, community expectations, resources, and involvement opportunities on-campus and in the community. You will also learn how to register for your classes.

    Anselmian Beginnings will be accessible through a link in the enrollment portal. This orientation model is asynchronous, meaning you can complete it on your own time. You can access Anselmian Beginnings multiple times and save your progress before exiting. You will need to complete the program by July 15.

    Learn More About Anselmian Beginnings

    Enrollment Portal FAQs

    • I did not receive the access email or cannot find it. How do I get access?

      An email was sent to your personal email address with the title Enrollment Portal Information. Please double-check your email. You should also add Saint Anselm College to your list of contacts, in case messaging automates to spam/junk. 
      Your personal email address is the one provided by you on your application to Saint Anselm College, unless you have previously contacted the Office of Admission to change it. If you no longer use that email or do not have the ability to access that email, please request a personal email address change.
      If you are unable to locate the email, please send an email to An Admission Counselor will help you as soon as possible.

    • Why can't I log in?

      There may be a few reasons why you are unable to log in to the enrollment portal.

      1. You have not yet authenticated you Saint Anselm email and password. Check you personal email for the Enrollment Portal Information email that provides you with this access.
      2. You are inputting incorrect log-in info. Please make sure to use the correct email address and password when logging in. You will need to put at the end of your username. Your password is case-sensitive.
      3. Your browser may be unsupportive. While there are no known support issues when it comes to the enrollment portal, you may opt for a different web browser if you have already tried solutions #1 and #2.

      If you are unsuccessful in logging in to the enrollment portal and have tried the first three solutions, contact the Office of Admission by email at or by phone at (603) 641-7500.

    • Can I reset my password after I've changed it?

      Once you have accessed the enrollment portal for the first time, you can change your password to something you will remember. Should you forget your new password, you will need to contact the Office of Information Technology to request a reset.

    • Can parents receive access to the enrollment portal?

      Due to student confidentiality, we are unable to grant access to a parent or guardian. We encourage students to keep their families updated on their progress.

    • What do the X's and Checks mean?

      Items on your checklists will be preceded by one of four status designations:

      1. Red X (Awaiting): You have not yet completed this item or the item is pending approval.
      2. Green Check (Completed): You have successfully completed the item or it has been received.
      3. Optional: You are not required to submit this item, but are eligible to complete. This designation applies to the Mathematical Skills Assessment and Recommended Programs Checklist.
      4. Grey X (Waived): Your item has been waived. This designation is usually given on a case-by-case basis and you must contact the Office of Admission to ask for a waived designation.
    • I completed an item, so why do I still have a red X?

      Most items can be completed electronically through the portal and their designations will be updated to a green check mark shortly after submission. During high volume hours, this could take a few minutes. Other items cannot be completed in the portal itself and designations are processed manually. Green checks will replace red X's upon item confirmation by the Office of Admission. These items include:

      • Final School Transcript: In order to successfully enroll at Saint Anselm College, you will need to have graduated from your current school. Please ensure your school sends the Office of Admission a final transcript, including your date of graduation.
      • Health Service Forms: For confidentiality purposes, all health forms must be completed and uploaded to the Patient Portal. You can find all the necessary information on the enrollment portal. 
      • Academic Assessments: Both the Mathematical Skills and the Language Assessments are completed through external sites. 

      If you have questions or concerns about the completion of these forms, we encourage you to contact the corresponding departments.

    • How do I fix an error that was made on a submission?

      If an error was made or information needs to be updated, please contact the corresponding department to determine how to make any changes.

    • Can I still complete an item if the deadline has passed?

      We encourage all enrolling students to access the enrollment portal early and often. There are multiple items that are necessary to complete, each with their own sets of instructions and deadlines. 
      If you did not complete the item by its listed deadline, please submit it as soon as possible. We recommend contacting any corresponding department to let them know it has been completed as well.

    • How do I complete Anselmian Beginnings?

      Our new student Orientation - Anselmian Beginnings Pt. I is now available on the Enrollment Portal. It must be completed by July 15. An email was sent to your Saint Anselm email on June 15 with instructions. Please log in to the enrollment portal to find a link that will take you to the Orientation module.