Prepare for your Anselmian Experience

July 19 - August 7

The Hilltop Academy is a three-week, online, two credit summer bridge program for incoming students. The program prepares students for the first semester of their college career. Participants are expected to continue during the January term to earn another two credits.

Students will engage in academic dialogue with faculty, fellow students, and college administrators and receive specialized advising. The program gives enrolled first-year students the opportunity to connect with other incoming students early while also enjoying fun engaging social and co-curricular activities.

Although students are welcome to register, this program is geared toward first-generation college students, PELL eligible students, and students from diverse backgrounds.



  • Two tuition-free academic credits (EN100- Introduction to College Writing).
  • Reduced course load (fewer classes and credits) during the first semester of college.
  • Comprehensive academic skills preparation (Reading, Writing, Critical Thinking, Lecture Skills, Seminar Skills, Public Speaking, Organization, Time Management).
  • Academic advising, major-selection, career advising.  
  • Connecting with students.
  • Connecting with faculty and administrators prior to the beginning of the semester.


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Questions? Contact Marilu McCambly in the Office of Admission.