Individual Forms


Must be completed by all team members on roster before the first practice.

Physical Exam 
To be completed within one year prior to the start of the season by your medical provider and submitted directly to Health Services (fax: 603-641-7318). Contact Health Services for necessary forms.

Authorized Driver
To be completed by any team member who wishes to drive other members of the team to practices or games off-campus using a personal vehicle.

Please note the College Driver Certification Course is a separate course that must be completed by any team member (21+) who wishes to drive a college van or rental van. The course is run by Campus Safety & Security and the Dean of Students Office. If you'd like to register for the course, please refer to "Contacts for Scheduling" below.

Team Forms


Must be completed before the first practice. If changes are made to the roster at any point during the year, an updated roster should be resubmitted with changes noted at the bottom; or, changes should be emailed to Club Sports.

Travel Itinerary
Travel Itineraries* are only necessary in extreme travel cases, otherwise a simple updated roster and game/match schedule will suffice.

*Travel itineraries must be submitted for all off-campus games at least 48 hours prior to departure. If there are last minute changes at time of actual departure, those changes should be documented by resubmitting an updated form or emailing the changes to Club Sports

Coaching Agreement & Release
Must be completed annually by all coaches prior to the start of the season. New coaches added during the school year must complete before their first practice. If coaches will be driving, they must also complete the authorized Driver Form and/or the College Driver Certification Course as described above.

In addition, all coaches must submit the following documents once via email to Club Sports or fax (603-641-7659) to the Student Engagement & Leadership Office so that the College may conduct a required background check. Please contact the Student Engagement & Leadership Office for the forms below.

  • Background Check Disclosure & Authorization From 
  • Disclosure Regarding Procurement of Consumer Report
  • Pre-Adverse Action Letter

Contacts for Scheduling