In our continued response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Community Care Covenant has been adapted accordingly for the spring 2021 semester. We live in a close community at Saint Anselm College and we want all Anselmians to stay as healthy as possible. Thus, we are asking that all students, faculty and staff agree to the Community Care Covenant.

The Covenant reflects priorities and best practices to mitigate the risk of COVID transmission within our community. We highly recommend that all students, faculty and staff be current in immunizations including flu shots. While these requests may seem inconvenient to some, the College is committed to implementing the best practices of health and safety on campus.

Our Anselmian community allows us the opportunity to support, and be supported by one another. This pandemic has further elevated that commitment, and the need for ongoing grace, compassion and care. While we are adapting to the conditions created by this COVID-19 environment, and out of care and concern for colleagues and students, we expect that you commit to honor this Community Care Covenant:


In order to ensure my own well-being and that of others, I will commit to:
  • Properly wear a facemask in the presence of others and indoor public spaces;
  • Minimize travel off campus and based only on need; the greatest risk of transmission is due to close contact with family. When off campus, follow state guidelines and community standards.
  • When attending indoor and/or outdoor events, maintain a proper physical distance and wear a mask when around others. Additionally, adhere to gathering size capacity as indicated by the College.
  • Self-monitor daily and if exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, stay home or in your Residence Hall room and report to; if you are sick do not attend in-person classes and avoid being in the presence of others while awaiting COVID test results.
  • Engage in best practices to mitigate the spread of germs, including:.
    •  Practice the six-foot physical distancing in public spaces;
    • Practice good hygiene;
    • Regularly clean my mask(s), disinfect my space and personal items;
    • Mitigate spread of germs on doors, railings, and other high contact areas;
    • Greet without shaking hands.
  • Kindly remind others to practice these healthy actions for the sake of the community; and extend respect, compassion and care to myself and others.