A Visitor is anyone who is not a current employee or student enrolled in the current semester at the College. Guests will not be allowed on campus until further notice. Residents will not be permitted to accommodate visitation or overnight guests, those from other halls/areas, and commuters.

As it relates to occasional and needed family visits, students are encouraged to meet at designated visit-locations outside the residences and/or enjoy a meal off-campus.  Family visit locations must be reserved by your student at least 48 hours in advance of time through the Office of Conference & Event Services and the Events Management System (EMS).  Information regarding both creating an EMS username/password and reserving spaces can within Virtual EMS be found at : https://www.anselm.edu/administrative-offices-services/human-resources/conference-events-services/virtual-ems. There are several designated indoor and outdoor family visit locations.  

Please note the following:  

  • Families are to meet their student at the designated parent/family visit location that the student reserved in EMS.
  • While on campus all family members are required to wear masks, practice social distancing and healthy hygiene practices.
  • Families are not allowed in the residence halls or in other buildings/spaces not designated below.
  • If you have booked an outdoor space, we encourage you to bring a picnic blanket and/or an outdoor camping/sling/bag chair.
  • These visits are limited to no more than 3 parent/family visitors per student.  
  • We ask that all approved users help maintain the area and leave it ready for the next user by subscribing to the “carry-in/carry-out” trash policy or “leave no trace” mindset.


Weekend Parent/Family Visit-Locations

Indoor (in the event of inclement weather)

Outdoor ( best ventilation; bring lawn chairs)



Dana Conference Rm (#27)     

Baroody front grove under trees

Goulet 2118                               

Memorial benches behind Alumni Hall

CTE (101)                                    

Tree grove between Bradley and Cshop

Joseph Hall  110                        

Smaller crop circles on Quad

Joseph Hall porch                      

Out crop rocks on east end of Quad

Alumni Hall porch North          


Alumni Hall porch South