Please refer to the list below for answers to common questions regarding how Saint Anselm College is responding to the Coronavirus. 

Assistance & Financial Aid

  • I'm a student in need of financial assistance, can the College help?

    Students facing serious financial hardship are encouraged to apply to the Anselmian Student Relief Fund by completing an application and submitting it to The Anselmian Student Relief Fund Committee will review all applications and funding shall be awarded based on the severity of the situation. You can read more information about the type of support you can get on the  More information about the fund is available on the Anselmian Student Relief Fund webpage.

  • How has Saint Anselm College used CARES act funds for eligible students?

    Please refer to CARES Act Reporting »

  • How are federal financial aid and VA benefits affected by choosing to receive P/NP grades?

    Federal Financial Aid and Veteran’s Benefits both require a student to be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Therefore, the Pass grades need to be counted in the SAP calculation.

    The Pass equivalency for SAP is a B-. Therefore, if you opt for P/NP for all your classes for the Spring semester, your semester GPA for SAP will be 2.67. We will combine this GPA with your other semester GPAs to arrive at your cumulative GPA (CGPA).

    For the purposes of eligibility for SAP, your CGPA must meet the minimum standard: 2.4 for Nurses and for Non-Nurses: 1.8 for freshmen and 2.0 for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. If your cumulative GPA is currently higher than a 2.67, choosing the P option for grades will lower your CGPA for SAP calculation. This may or may not affect your federal eligibility this year or in future years. If you opt to take some classes as P/NP and others with grades, the classes in which you receive grades will be calculated into you cumulative GPA.

  • How is athletic aid affected by choosing to receive P/NP grades?

    Renewal for Athletic aid requires a 2.0 cumulative GPA (determined using the cumulative GPA from the Registrar’s Office). You must be in good academic standing with the Dean’s Office to be eligible to participate in athletics in Fall 2020. Please reach out to your Head Coach for more information or if you have questions about your eligibility.

  • How is institutional aid affected by choosing to receive P/NP grades?

    Institutional grant/scholarship and tuition remission eligibility renewal will be determined using the GPA from the Registrar’s Office. For example, if your cumulative GPA was a 3.0 after Fall 2019 and you elect to earn all Ps for Spring 2020, your scholarship eligibility will be determined based on a 3.0 cumulative GPA. You can find your required cumulative GPA for your merit scholarship on your Net Partner financial aid portal accessed via myAnselm (click on My Finances, then My Financial Aid, and finally My Financial Aid Information-Net Partner). Choose “Required Documents & Critical Messages” from the Main Menu. You can also find more information regarding our aid policies in our Consumer Information Brochure found at

  • How is other aid affected by choosing to receive P/NP grades?

    Any aid for outside sources will use the Registrar’s cumulative GPA to determine eligibility unless a SAP calculation is mandated by the outside source.

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