• At this point, we anticipate the phased return of students will begin August 8. Students will be receiving a notification with the day and time to arrive on campus.
  • Upon arrival, students and their move-in helper (which will be limited to 1 person) will be given a questionnaire about their general health and well-being. When cleared, the student will proceed into Sullivan Arena, where they will receive a coronavirus test, among other check-in steps. 
  • Once students are cleared for housing, we will consider that residence hall a “family unit;” students will remain quarantined until the results of their coronavirus tests are in.
  • Of course, meals will be provided and our move-in and orientation team is preparing activities to keep students engaged and entertained during this time. 
  • When the test results are in, students will be issued a wristband that “clears” them from quarantine.
  • When the test results are in, you will be issued a wristband that “clears” you from quarantine.


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