• For student testing, we are partnering with Clear Choice MD to have an on-campus testing site.
  • Clear Choice will have the capacity to conduct up to 200 tests a day, which will allow us to screen students when they arrive on campus and will give us the ability to do programmatic testing throughout the semester.
  • An infirmary and quarantine living quarters are being established on Fourth Street of Alumni Hall and Collins House respectively. 
  • More detail will follow regarding our practices for anyone who tests positive for coronavirus. We are developing scenario plans for containment and for next steps if coronavirus does appear on campus.



At move-in, students will receive two tests for COVID-19. A PCR lab test and a rapid antigen test will be administered with a shallow nasal swab by a member of the medical team. The rapid antigen test will be used to release students from quarantine, while the PCR test, under the supervision of ClearChoiceMD, which operates the state of New Hampshire testing sites, will be used to confirm the result. The college is paying for the rapid antigen test. The PCR test will be covered by students’ insurance. You will need identification with your address as well as your insurance card during move-in testing.



The college will conduct surveillance testing throughout the semester. Students who leave the campus for practicums, internships and other purposes will be tested frequently and a process for testing all students throughout the semester is being developed. The surveillance tests will be conducted with the college’s Sophia 2 rapid test machines.


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