Freeman Recap: The Power of "And"

By Sarah Jacobs | May 22, 2020

On Thursday, May 14, attendees from across the globe participated in, "The Power of AND: Responsible Business Without Tradeoffs" with Dr. R. Edward Freeman, the first of several upcoming webinars being hosted by the Center for Ethics in Business and Governance as part of the Ethics in Governance Forum.

While there are various proposals for the reform of capitalism, Dr. Freeman maintains there are five key ideas that should be addressed. All five revolve around seeing business through multiple perspectives. They are:

  • Purpose and Profits;
  • Stakeholders and Shareholders;
  • Society and Markets;
  • Humanity and Economics; and,
  • Ethics and Business.


This new story of business in the real world has shown a great deal of progress, creating a very optimistic outlook for business in the 21st century.