Excellence in Governance Program in Partnership with NH Center for Nonprofits

The nonprofit governance model — relying on unpaid volunteers to govern an organization — demands a high level of ethical integrity. In partnership with the NH Center for Nonprofits, the Excellence in Governance seminar program is designed to enrich the knowledge of nonprofit board and staff leaders across New Hampshire so they will provide leadership and decision-making in accordance with best practices of ethics in governance.

This program addresses the Ethics and Accountability in the 21st Century Nonprofit Board, focusing on the stewardship of the organization in assuring ethical behavior and providing sound fiscal oversight. It is perfect for new board members or experienced board leaders wanting to brush up on new approaches.

2019 program complete - stay tuned for next announced program!


NonprofitNext is an online resource platform designed by the NH Center for Nonprofits to deliver relevant, high quality and immediately useable resources to nonprofit board and staff leaders to help them address a myriad of real-time operational and governance challenges.

Currently, two sections of the site are dedicated to ethical practices on a nonprofit board and in operations and are offered to participants in the seminar program:

  • Governing with Integrity (Board section): Focuses on identifying and addressing issues related to ethics in governance; features tools, videos and tips on conflicts of interest, whistleblower policies, gift acceptance policies and much more
  • Operating with Integrity (Operations section): Focuses on ethical issues that arise in day to day operations of a nonprofit; features tools, videos and tips on document retention and destruction, confidentiality, codes of ethics and much more.

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