Why We Changed Our Name to the Center for Ethics in Society

April 12, 2021

By Max Latona, Ph.D.

One day, we wake up and realize that those wonderful shoes we have owned for years no longer provide the support we need. It is time for a new pair. This happened to us at the Center.

A crisis in housing affordability. The importance of integrity in our political leaders. Disparities in educational opportunities for our children. The human and environmental costs of our cheap clothes. The lasting effects of the government’s segregation of our neighborhoods—these are just a handful of the pressing ethical issues the Center has addressed in the past 12 months.

We realized we had outgrown the name “Center for Ethics in Business and Governance.” Our communities are grappling with urgent problems that go deeper than business and corporate governance, and they need our help. Almost every week, our Center finds itself addressing new and complex ethical issues in society.

In a way, the name change is proof positive that Saint Anselm College is not a stereotypical ivory tower institution, blithely pursuing its own interests and directives, indifferent to the concerns of our state and communities. Our name change indicates that we are listening and responding to the needs of others—a practice that is itself the basis of ethics. As represented by the Center’s advisory board, which includes 18 leaders from New Hampshire’s business, non-profit, and public policy communities, our Center demonstrates a real partnership between the College and those who live and work in New Hampshire. In fact, many of the programs we address at the Center emerge from concerns raised by our board members or by organizations and communities across New Hampshire. Our new name reflects this attentiveness to others.

To get a sense of the increasing scope of our work, spend a little time perusing our new website. You will find that, in addition to ethics in business and ethics in governance (EIG Forum), the Center brings research, education, dialogue, and collaboration to other stimulating programs and initiatives, such as Building a Better NH, the Housing We Need, Ethics in Our World, Ethics in Policy, and our Ethiscope podcast series. We don’t ignore ethics in business and governance—we are just doing much more than that now.

The Center is growing at a rapid rate. We are educating more students each day, hosting more programs each week, supporting more research each month, and influencing more policy changes each year. With the continued support and trust from community members, policy makers, decision makers, and leaders across New Hampshire, we are making an impact in the state, the region, and society as a whole.

The Center for Ethics in Society. These new shoes feel just right.